Quiz #184: 12-18 February | Fin24

Quiz #184: 12-18 February

Feb 12 2018 07:27
Stefanie Muller

This week, two lucky readers can each win a copy of Big Barrels: African Oil and Gas and the Quest for Prosperity by NJ Ayuk and João Gaspar Marques. The book challenges the notion that oil and gas only harm African countries. Click here to answer the questions. Good luck!

Answers for previous quiz:

1. In which Southern African country were two large diamonds found recently?

2. True or false? Amazon’s new grocery store is called Amazon Go.

3. Who is the president of Liberia (and also a former footballer)?
George Weah

4. Who is the ANC’s secretary-general?
Ace Magashule

5. Steinhoff recently sold a stake in another company, raising R7.1bn. Which  business was it?
PSG Group   

6. True or false? North Korea and South Korea will march under one flag at the upcoming Winter Olympics. 

7. Which country’s flag does not feature the colour yellow?

8. True or false? As featured in the 18 January edition of finweek, Munching Mongoose is a George-based restaurant.
False, it is a food delivery service.

9. What is the name of Africa’s tallest residential skyscraper?
Ponte City

Bonus question in magazine:

10. Which country recently had a government shutdown due to disagreements over funding?
United States


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