Quiz #183: 29 January-4 February | Fin24

Quiz #183: 29 January-4 February

Jan 28 2018 23:55
Stefanie Muller

This week one lucky entrant is getting a copy of Moroka Modiba's Think Yourself Rich - A Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Independence. All you have to do is answer the questions here and that person could be you. Good luck!

Answers for previous quiz:

1. True or false? The ANC celebrated its 121st birthday recently.
False, it celebrated its 106th birthday.

2. Who recently referred to himself as a “very stable genius”?
Donald Trump

3. Which local mobile network offers the entertainment service black?
Cell C

4. Which of these countries is not in Central America?

5. Who is the president of the ANC?     
Cyril Ramaphosa

6. True or false? The 2018 Winter Olympics are to be held in Finland.
False, they are to be held in South Korea.

7. What colour did most of the attendees wear at the recent Golden Globes Awards? 

8. True or false? Level 8 water restrictions have been imposed in Cape Town.
False, Level 6 water restrictions are in force.

9. Which country recently experienced anti-government protests?

Bonus question in the magazine:

10. Name the senior DA official who has been engulfed in corruption allegations. 
Patricia de Lille