Quiz #171: 25-30 July

Jul 25 2017 11:53
Stefanie Muller

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Answers for the previous quiz:

1. The department of education is in a consultation process to weigh up the implications of removing a certain subject as a compulsory pass requirement. Name this subject.

2. True or false? Canada celebrated its 190th anniversary this year.
False, it celebrated its 150th anniversary.
3. Recently claims surfaced that a certain man of the cloth had gone to hell and defeated Satan. (Something the person has since disputed.) Which person was involved?
Pastor Mboro
4. Who is the outgoing chairman of Trillian Capital?
Tokyo Sexwale
5. What does ICBM stand for?
Intercontinental ballistic missile
6. True or false? Gay people can now legally marry in Germany.

7. Which vineyard did the wine that was served at the gala dinner preceding this year’s ANC policy conference come from?
Rupert & Rothschild
8. True or false? Former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene has been interim director of the University of Stellenbosch Business School.
False, he is interim director of Wits Business School.
9. Which firm audited the Guptas' Sun City wedding?
Bonus question in magazine:

10. True or false? The US adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1812
False, it was adopted in 1776.