Quiz #170: 10-16 July

Jul 10 2017 13:55
Stefanie Muller

We've got three copies of Time, Talent, Energy: Overcome Organizational Drag & Unleash Your Team's Productive Power by Michael Mankins and Eric Garton to give away. Answer the quiz questions here and - who knows? - you could be a winner!

Answers for last week's quiz:

1. Which local bank did the Lafferty Group’s 2017 Global Bank Quality Benchmarking study rate as the best in the world?

2. Select the capital of Portugal:  

3. Recently officials at a prison arranged for entertainment featuring scantily clad women, who danced for the inmates. In which province is the prison located?
4. How long ago did J.K. Rowling write the first Harry Potter book?
Twenty years ago.
5. Who is Travis Kalanick?             
The former CEO of Uber

6. True or false? A geologist studies the solid and liquid matter that make up our planet.

7. What colour was the hat Queen Elizabeth?II was wearing during her recent speech to the UK parliament?
Blue and yellow

8. True or false? A.P. Moller-Maersk is a US conglomerate.
False, it is a Danish conglomerate.

9.  Why did the EU fine Google $2.7bn recently? It…
...manipulated search results.

Bonus question in magazine:

10. True or false? There is currently a swine flu outbreak in SA.
False, there is a bird flu outbreak.