Quiz #169: 2-9 July

Jul 03 2017 12:15
Stefanie Muller

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Answers for last week's quiz:

1. True or false? Mapi Mhlangu is the new editor of HuffPost South Africa.
False, Pieter du Toit has been appointed as the editor of HuffPost SA.

2. Who has suggested that the mandate of the Reserve Bank should be altered?
Public Protector Busi Mkhwebane
3. Which local bank has been ordered to repay R1.125bn as a result of the bailout of Bankorp, which it bought in 1992?

4. In protest against what issue did a #socialmediablackout occur on 21 June?
Mobile operators' high data charges

5. True or false? The surname of the Saudi royal family is Al Saud.

6. Which insurance company sparked an outcry after it posted a racist Father’s Day ad on social media?
7. Who is the SAA chairperson?
Dudu Myeni

8. The new Mining Charter changes the level of black ownership of mining companies from 26% to:

9. True or false? The data of almost 200m UK voters was leaked.
False, the data of US voters was leaked.

Bonus question in magazine:

10. Which country’s flag features a hat?