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Quiz #153: 28 February-5 March

Feb 28 2017 10:01
Stefanie Muller

This week a copy of Ian Mann's The Executive Update is up for grabs. For a chance to win, complete the quiz here.

Answers for last week's quiz:

1. What type of weather system was Dineo, which approached from the east, once it reached SA last week?
Tropical storm

2. True or false? 11 February marked 21 years since the late Nelson Mandela was released from prison.
False, 27 years have passed since he was released.

3. Who won Album of the Year at this year’s Grammy awards?

4. Which country is mining company Vedanta from?

5. Local fans clashed violently at a recent soccer match. Name one of the two teams that was playing.
Mamelodi Sundowns or Orlando Pirates

6. Who is Paul O’Sullivan?
A local private investigator

7. In which Johannesburg suburb are the SABC’s headquarters situated?
Auckland Park

8. True or false? Jamaica’s flag is black, yellow and red.
False, it is black, yellow and green.

9. What was finweek’s cover story for the issue of 16 February about?

10. True or false? Russian President Vladimir Putin made an official call to President Jacob Zuma recently.
False, US President Trump called Zuma.