2018-08-08 12:24 How to spot burnout Many people today suffer from burnout in the workplace. If the signs aren’t taken seriously, and help isn’t provided, the consequences can be far-reaching.
2018-08-03 11:31 The job hunt: How to stand out in the crowd Finding a job in the current market is no easy task, and you need to be sure you give yourself the best possible chance of landing the gig. Here are some pointers.
2018-08-02 09:57 A new frontier in fitness The use of electro muscle stimulation technology has turned a humble home fitness business into an international franchise brand.
2018-07-31 12:23 How safe are your details online? A recent report on online privacy settings provided by the likes of Facebook and Google reveals that the protection of our privacy is often trumped by these companies’ desire for profits.
2018-07-30 13:46 Online insurance company connects with younger generation Digital start-up Indie, a division of Sanlam Life Insurance, is making insurance more accessible to the masses.

Quiz #196: 30 July - 6 August 2018-07-26 12:48 The winner of our latest quiz will receive a copy of An Incomplete Transition: Overcoming the legacy of exclusion in South Africa. Try your luck!
Funeral business adds more life to Calgro M3 2018-07-18 12:02 Residential property development remains the mainstay of Calgro M3’s business, with a pipeline of R25.3bn consisting of 54 376 opportunities, but it also has big plans to expand its funeral business.
Quiz #195: 16 - 23 July 2018-07-12 13:06 It's time for another general knowledge tester. How up to date have you stayed in the last couple of weeks?
When money no longer serves as a motivator 2018-07-12 10:24 Cash has proven to be a short-term booster for employees. There are less expensive ways to show appreciation.
BOOK REVIEW: 4 steps to emotional agility 2018-07-10 10:52 Having flexible thoughts and feelings to respond optimally to everyday situations serves your success.
BMW i8 Roadster: Eco-friendly convertible supercar 2018-07-09 16:12 This hybrid electric vehicle delivers a combination of emission-free mobility and sports car performance.

Redefining online retail

Aug 14 2018 17:06

Through its strategic partnerships, world-class logistics and continuous innovation, JD.com has rapidly grown into one of the world’s largest retailers.

Company Snapshot

16 August issue
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