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2019-10-15 17:37 Making it in SA’s gaming development industry South Africa’s video games industry is witnessing a strong growth trajectory, with some titles making it onto the international market. But creators are decrying regulatory hurdles, offering their two cents on how to crack the code.
2019-10-09 17:35 Peugeot 3008: An underrated mid-sized SUV The French have come up with a winner in the uniquely restyled and more refined Peugeot 3008.
2019-10-03 15:01 Quiz #224: 7-14 October Test your general knowledge with your latest quiz, which appears in the 10 October edition of 'finweek'.
2019-10-01 14:42 Business hubs: finding the right fit for growth Empowering SMEs is integral to our economy. And with the rise in incubators, which provide small start-ups with the resources to get going, there are various support options available.
2019-09-30 09:30 Amsa’s man of steel With further retrenchments looming, a struggling industry and a business in distress, ArcelorMittal South Africa’s CEO, Kobus Verster, has his work cut out for him.

Quiz #223: 23 September - 30 September 2019-09-20 11:46 Our latest quiz, which appears in the 26 September edition of 'finweek' is available to complete! Give it a go and test your general knowledge skills.
Your rights during retrenchment 2019-09-16 07:38 Unfortunately, retrenchment is a reality that many employees are faced with. Knowing what your rights are – and understanding the legality around the retrenchment process – is extremely important.
Monetising sunshine 2019-09-12 10:24 The Sun Exchange is an online platform that allows anyone anywhere in the world to buy solar panels and then lease them to schools and businesses in emerging markets.
Quiz #222: 9 September - 16 September 2019-09-06 12:08 Our latest quiz, which appears in the 12 September edition of 'finweek' is available to complete! Give it a go and test your general knowledge skills.
How to navigate the whistleblowing minefield in SA 2019-08-29 15:25 Corruption can only come to light when people call it out. However, whistleblowers in South Africa are often fearful of coming forward – or uncertain of the steps they need to follow to make a di ...

A consistent approach to investing

Oct 17 2019 10:18

Exchange-traded funds provide access to a variety of shares, thereby decreasing the risk of the investment. The secret, then, is to find those that will deliver over the long term.

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