Nothing Sacred

2011-04-07 00:00

It seems that the University of Johannesburg – named for that “World-Class African City” whose accountants can’t count – is to prohibit the teaching to its students of the general theory of relativity because it was formulated by one Albert Einstein, who was, as you know, a Jew. Einstein was invited to become the second president of Israel but was unable to accept, as he had settled in the United States as a citizen of that country now described by those free-spirited democrats who have been running the Arab world as the “Great Satan”.

You know, the Great Satan that twice rescued Europe from German domination and providing the billions in aid through its Marshall Plan, which led to the European Union and peace and prosperity to this day for that continent. It also saved what is today South Korea – a dynamic economic giant and vigorous democracy – from the dead hand of Communism, a failed ideology that survives only in backwaters such as Cuba, North Korea and, sadly, our own South Africa.

As is now well known, the world-class University of Johannesburg has severed ties with Israel’s Ben Gurion University in the study of water quality, in which the Israelis are world leaders and in which SA is in desperate need of assistance.

At the 47th annual convention of the SA Zionist Federation recently, the keynote speaker was Alan Dershowitz, of Harvard University, generally regarded as the most distinguished criminal trial attorney in the world. Dershowitz is a spirited defender of the state of Israel. He has a great deal of ammunition with which to make the case that Israel is a valuable member of the free world.

Its drip irrigation systems, developed exclusively in Israel, have revolutionised agriculture and are now used in more than 110 countries and have helped to create self-sustaining agricultural communities in drought-stricken areas, especially in Africa.

Put that it your water pipe, you bigots at UJ, and smoke it.

Of course, that’s not all. Those many whose circulation isn’t what it might have been without life-saving stents – developed in Israel – that keep open their arteries. Israel is a world leader in the science of the brain. The Hebrew University is today a multi-billion rand centre for brain sciences. Its level of research in the field of brain sciences is among the highest in the world and a newly equipped centre will enable the university to be ranked among the top five in the world in that field.

When you send an SMS or use voice mail on your cellphone you can thank Israeli technology. In fact, when you even use your cellphone you can thank Israeli technology. Here are some Israeli facts upon which the University of Johannesburg might reflect as it cuts ties with an institution so superior to itself that it’s laughable:

* Israelis hold more patents per person than citizens of any other nation.

* Israel has more scientists and engineers per capita than any other country.

* Israeli scientists publish more scientific papers than any other nation.

* Israel developed the first camera chip used in cellphones.

* Most of the Windows XP operating systems were developed in Israel.

* An Israeli company invented the technology behind instant messengers.

* An Israeli company invented network security technology, such as the firewall.

• The first PC antivirus was invented in Israel.

* More than 85% of the solid waste in Israel is treated in an environmentally sound manner.

* Israel has the record for most solar-powered water heaters per capita.

* An Israeli company was the first to develop and install a large-scale solar power plant in the Mojave Desert in California.

• Israel has the most biotech start-ups per capita.

* Israel invented the camera that patients swallow to help doctors diagnose digestive tract diseases and save lives.

* Israeli scientists developed the first radiation-free method to detect breast cancer.