Net#work surges ahead

2011-07-14 00:00

Net#work BBDO has surged into the lead as the field spreads out behind it after the D&AD and Cannes Lions awards. With the four contending international awards events now over, and the field past the halfway mark, there are probably only four candidates with a realistic chance of winning the race for creative leadership this year.

TBWA Hunt Lascaris led the pack at the D&AD awards, presented a week before Cannes; then Net#work took the lead with a dominant performance at Cannes, after trailing badly in the early months.

Though Net#work’s big winner was its radio campaign for Mercedes-Benz, it also took Gold and Silver at Cannes for Galderma/Benzacane. It ranks as the world’s best radio advertising agency (at least for the moment) and South Africa as the leading radio advertising nation.

Net#work has been a leading creative award-winner for most of the past decade but over-competitive rivals were beginning to dismiss it as a force. This comeback has put it right back on top of the pile.

Hunt Lascaris, the iconic award-winner, had a massive two years in 2009 and 2010 on the back of its “Trillion dollar billboard” campaign for The Zimbabwean newspaper. But a poorer showing at last year’s Loeries led many to wonder whether the surge was over. It appears the answer is no.

The successes of both agencies are heavily dependent on one or two big campaigns that win multiple awards. Ogilvy, which lies third, had more clients that received acknowledgement at one level or another.

* Agencies are allocated points for each win at an awards event endorsed by the Creative Circle. However, our points scale is different from that of the Creative Circle, with a wider gap between shortlist points and Gold points. Our latest scale for the D&AD is: Black pencil 110; Yellow Pencil 65; Silver Pencil (nomination for Yellow) 25; In book 10.

The table contains some corrections of results we published over recent months.