• Eskom Funding

    Finance Minister Tito Mboweni plans to introduce a spending bill to aid the power utility on July 23.

  • 12 Years

    A guide to the long-running SARS 'rogue unit' saga from 2007 to today.

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WATCH: Transforming old tyres in ultra-modern furniture to help save environment

Aug 23 2018 19:16

If I don't care of my environment, who will, asks entrepreneur Olabanke Banjo who believes the possibilities are endless for upcycling old tyres.


WATCH: Learn your lessons in rands, then take your business global

Apr 26 2016 07:43

Develop your niche in SA before taking your business overseas, so that you have a highly efficient machine and a cost advantage in your sector, says Striata CEO Mike Wright.


WATCH: Why the world loves SA’s entrepreneurs

Apr 26 2016 07:43

South African entrepreneurs are respected internationally because of their internal resilience to work hard and succeed, says Striata CEO Mike Wright.


WATCH: How to rise from Jozi garage start-up to global star

Apr 26 2016 07:21

Having developed Striata from a garage start-up to a respected SA tech company, Striata CEO Mike Wright says they focused on culture and not network in their global expansion.

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WATCH: 7 ways DA bill will cut red tape for small businesses

Mar 06 2016 17:39

A bill introduced to parliament by the DA points to seven ways government can ensure the playing field is conducive to small business growth in South Africa.


WATCH: Stop complaining and start doing - JT Foxx

Aug 18 2015 16:20

Entrepreneur JT Foxx says South Africans should find solutions to the country's problems, instead of complaining about the issues.


Keeping family business alive for 21 years

Aug 17 2015 12:37

Many businesses start off on a high note and thrive for a few months, but keeping a business running for 21 years is a major achievement for any entrepreneur.

Inside Entrepreneurship

In the news

WATCH: DA has red tape cutting solution for Zuma

Mar 06 2016 17:35

A DA bill could be the exact recipe President Jacob Zuma needs in his quest to cut red tape and review laws standing in the way of small business growth.

In the news

WATCH: Parliament will be united on bill to cut red tape - DA

Mar 04 2016 09:24

National legislation could be passed that would cut red tape and prevent new laws that would hamper small business growth, like the recent visa regulations.


Building 'signature' homes

Oct 02 2015 20:23

They started in their early 20s and five years later two young Durban entrepreneurs are running a successful residential building business, employing 52 people.


Wearable bamboo

Aug 27 2015 15:17

Entrepreneur Amy de Castro's love for bamboo has inspired her to build a high-end wristwatch business.


Breaking through the construction ceiling

Jul 07 2015 10:33

Preparation is key in any business, says the 26-year-old Langa woman who broke the barriers when she entered the male-dominated construction industry.


INFOGRAPHIC: SA entrepreneurs speak out

May 13 2015 09:46

Survey results show that while SA entrepreneurs face key challenges, the majority are startlingly positive and motivated to grow and develop their businesses.


GALLERY: SA awards top businesses

Apr 10 2015 16:46

SA's economy needs to grow at a faster rate to create jobs and eliminate poverty, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa old award winners.

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