Zuma: Zim sanctions hurt progress

2010-12-02 14:05

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma and his Zambian counterpart Rupiah Banda on Thursday called for sanctions against Zimbabwe to be dropped.

Sanctions were not aiding change in Zimbabwe, Zuma said in Pretoria after a memorandum of understanding on environmental management and natural resources between SA and Zambia was signed.

"We call on the globe to lift sanctions. It will be helpful. They (the sanctions) are inhibiting our progress."

Banda said the Southern African Development Community troika would meet to discuss Zimbabwe in January.

Zuma said that country's President Robert Mugabe wanted a resolution to Zimbabwe's problems, and that all parties in Zimbabwe were looking forward to the election.

Banda is on a two-day state visit to South Africa.

  • AgentM - 2010-12-02 14:17

    Isn't that the whole point of sanctions? ie: You put enough pressure on the country being sanctioned to make changes.. It's like asking the prison warden to please open the doors of your cell because it's a little small to live in??

  • keith - 2010-12-02 14:22

    I find it interesting that the ANC backed president is calling for sanctions to be stopped when the Zimbabwean citizens are being oppressed yet pre apartheid the same ANC called for more sanctions against the NAT oppressors. Go figure?

  • Stephan Marais - 2010-12-02 14:22

    Please, FFS, the sanctions are against Mugabe and some of his officials. The more the media calls it 'sanctions against Zimbabwe' the more the issue gets confused.

  • Quinton - 2010-12-02 14:29

    whats hindering progess is old mad bob and his cronies!

  • changemonster - 2010-12-02 14:32

    JZ,you are right; sanctions wont change Zim, but then again neither will Bob. Sanctions stay until Bob goes, simple.

  • robgun - 2010-12-02 14:32

    Why are sanctions not working? Zuma told us a few weeks ago that the situation in Zimbabwe was changing and now he says things aren't getting better and sanctions aren't working? So what's the truth?

  • Sean - 2010-12-02 14:39

    Do these clowns not know what the purpose of sanctions are! Sad thing is that each of them are running a country!

  • Jane - 2010-12-02 14:50

    Magabe only wants to hang on to power. Sanctions must stay until Mugabe goes, or has an election that is free and fair.

  • goose - 2010-12-02 14:53

    So progress can only be achieved id sanctions are lifted? Crap! PROGRESS...will be mad Bob before an international court and sentenced to death by torture!

  • Ricky - 2010-12-02 14:57

    I don't understand how freezing the overseas assets of Mugabe & his henchmen can be seen as "harmfull" to the growth & development of Zimbabwe.........

  • Johan - 2010-12-02 14:59

    Zuma your statment is worng Mad BoB only want to fill his bank balance. He does not cear about the Zim people.

  • Siouxcheif - 2010-12-02 15:00

    My understanding is that sanctions are leveled at mugabe and some of his cronies...NOT the general populace of Zimbabwe. Three RSA presidents have now betrayed the moderate citizens of Zimbabwe.voster,mbeki,zuma,should all three not be indicted for crimes against humanity.

  • Loki - 2010-12-02 15:04

    I think this is a brave call indeed, lets see what change will this bring us. Change is what minister Patel has said, we must practice more of it. I can see Zuma has started working on it with Banda along side him. gr8 stuff indeed

  • andy - 2010-12-02 15:04

    what a lot of rubbish , the sanctions only affect a couple hundred crooked politicians . obviously they are working - they are intended to cause pain . they want them removed so that they can have access to the billions they have stolen , so they can spend it overseas . they must be told there will be NO relaxation until a full settlement has been implemented

  • bill - 2010-12-02 15:08

    What an international embarrasment Zuma is.Maybe he's after the missus.

  • Ron - 2010-12-02 15:41

    During the apartheid era South Africa also suffered under sanctions. Although human rights went for a burton, the economy still grew, technology advanced because little could be imported and you could buy a US Dollar for 75 SA cents.

  • Stryder - 2010-12-02 15:48

    The same government who imposed and begged the international community for sanctions on the the Apartheid regime, who got what they wanted, now turns around and says it doesnt work for Zimbabwe. Is it because South Africa has not got enough money to sponsor for Bos's next birthday bash!?

  • Derek - 2010-12-02 16:27

    Perhaps the sanctions are not working as they supposed to because Zuma and most of the neighbours are propping up Bob. What was that Wikileaks said about our president and Bob????

  • Taneta musango - 2010-12-02 18:44

    To show that in Zimbabwe, a pre-school-going child does not need to attend any of our kindergattens, there is already MDC-T, ready made. Never take those people in that pseudo-political party serious. Remember the only time you hear about their manifesto, ideology, economic, any type of plans for future Zimbabwe is when their chief adviser, the ex-Rhodesian mercenary, Eddy Cross is mumbling about the reverse of the Land Reform! Otherwise, their trademark is, boycott, strike, no to land for the black Zimbabweans, no to new constitutions, no to black empowerment, no to Gono because he resisted Western Hegemony, no to the Attorney General because he is intelligent for the Brits, no to Mugabe because he is the only, only remaining Africa cadre to stand this Imperial Hegemony, no to black power. That is MDC-T slogan, to take us back to, before 1980. Wake up Zimbabweans, lets be honest with each other, Zimbabwe has suffered because of sanctions which were called for by Tsvangirai and MDC-T. I was in SIDA conference room in Stockholm, Sweden when Tsvangirai was perfoming in 2001-2002 begging the West to put sanctions on his own people. It is his obligation to see to it that the Zimbabwe Democracy Recovery Act is removed. Look Zimbabwe cannot even get loans from World Bank, IMF, African Development Bank, name it. No trade. THIS MAN OWES US AT LEAST AN APOLOGY OTHERWISE GOD WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!!!! Look, the west have one thing in common, PERMANENT INTERESTS BUT NOT PERMANENT FRIENDS. So be careful, Tsvangirai, ask yourself where is, Savimbi, Kabila senior. If you test Muzungu’s cake, you should know that you have to deliver. Remember that accident was meant for you, the West are not happy with GNU!! You were supposed to deliver Mugabe’s head and the Land because you used their money through the “Westminister Foundation, Kellog Foundation etc plus all these NGOs” becareful!! The British created this foundation comprising of all the major political parties in Great Britain, Conservatives, Liberals and the Labour. They wanted to save the royal richness in Zimbabwe!!! OUR LAND. OUR MINES!! These people assume that all black Zimbabweans are as dumb as Tsvangirai! They should by now ought to have realised that Tsvangirai was foolishly dragged to lead MDC for convinience. At least since this was a brain-child project of the British under the auspices of the "Westminister Foundation" they needed urgently a softly, marginally educated and one who could only see and sit inside the box. Tsvangirai fitted very well for the Muzungu's neoimperialistic agenda so their pieces of the puzzle fell in place. Eddy Cross, Bernett (White Mike Tyson) etc including Murora we kwaHolland were driving the crusade. But surely God's hand has actually protected Zimbabwe from being invaded by these vultures. China has come to our rescue, so lets use the money to benefit our need population. May God bless the poor in Zimbabwe Its not mugabe, its people like those who blindly follow the wind who are not realizing that there is no country in africa which is economically independent. The economy in zimbabwe has always been and still is being run by foreign companies. We are Only politically independent, until we starting processing and manufacturing our own end products. but those with small minds only see it, the tuck-shop way! We should start to empower ourselves, mentally, socially, psychologically, but not this mob-pyschological brainwashing of just focusing on these poor African Political leaders. WAKE UP AFRICA OUR FUTURE IS IN OUR NATURAL RESOURCES AND LETS PROTECT THEM FROM EXPLOITATION BY FOREIGNERS, LETS UNITE TO BUILD A BETTER FOUNDATION FOR THE NEW GENERATIONS!!!! We have been listening for too long about partisanship mentality. We want real ideas and plans for a better Zimbabwe. Its not mugabe, we must know by now, that there is no country in africa which is econimically independent. The economy in zimbabwe has always been and still is being run by foreign companies. We are Only politically independent, until we start processing and manufacturing and producing our own end products. Those with small minds only see it, the tuck-shop way! We should start to empower ourselves, mentally, socially, psychologically, but not this mob-pyschological brainwashing of just focusing on these poor African Political leaders. Its not about personalities. You cannot dream of achieving this economic independence with the Tsvangisoni gang. My FOOT!!

  • croix - 2010-12-02 18:52

    1. Mugabe LOST the last election, but together with his 'generals' and 'wife' refused to accept the loss and give up power; 2. Nothing will harm ordinary citizens more than calling off sanctions (they are against Bob & his cohorts); 3. Bob is illegally clinging to POWER and SHOULD GO! 4. SA and its presidents are responsible for propping up the old madman, whilst speaking "with forked tongue"; and 5. Our ANC govt does not give a shite about the people of Zim - there are other agendas poised in the wings. So, sanctions shouldn't go - Mugabe and his corrupt cronies must GOOOOOO !

  • jerry - 2010-12-02 22:16


  • kelly - 2010-12-03 18:22

    the one thing that really gets to mugabe are these sanctions. he hates britain and the west, so what does he want to go there for? let his thieving wife squander her stolen money in china while the rest of the country starves

  • DUCKTAIL - 2010-12-21 17:33

    The sanctions are against government individuals restricting their international travel movements.It has no effect on 99.9% of Zimbabweans.As for Taneta he cant escape from the past so he needs to ponder the following:why 22,000 Matabele disappeared after Mugabe sent in his 5th brigade.Mugabe will one day have to answer for this mass murder which has been accurately documented by the Catholic Church.Why are there more than 3 million Zimbabwean refugees in SA:why did the Zim economy collapse with inflation running into millions of percent.:why does SA regularly have to increase lending to Zim. as it has long been a failed state. One mad mans ego has made the lives of millions a daily grind.

  • bekkie1 @ Taneta mus - 2010-12-21 18:11

    Taneta, that is one long winded piece of rhetoric you gave off there. 99.99% untrue. Open your eyes and see that Zimbabwe is like it's name sake - ruins. Not because of MDC but because of Robert Mugabe. I really hope you feel better now after your deflation just like your non-existent Zimbabwe Dollar.

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