World execs have confidence in Obama

2012-08-17 12:55

London - Twice as many business executives around the world say the global economy will prosper better if incumbent US president Barack Obama wins the next election than if his Republican challenger Mitt Romney does, a poll showed on Friday.

Democrat Obama was chosen by 42.7% in the 1 700 respondent poll, compared with 20.5%for Romney. The rest said "neither".

The result was different among respondents in the United States, where a slim majority thought Romney would be better for their businesses than Obama.

Obama maintains a seven-point lead over Romney among registered voters in the race for the November 6 presidential election, despite the fact Americans are increasingly pessimistic about the future, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted last week.

The FT poll was conducted before Romney picked Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate at the weekend, a move that could dramatically shift the election debate between two sharply contrasting views of government spending and debt.

Romney's choice for running mate gave him no immediate boost to his White House prospects, a Reuters/Ipsos poll suggested on Monday.

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  • james.rossouw - 2012-08-17 13:49

    Romney, Management consultant at Mckinsey, no 1 in the world they hire top 1% out of Ivy league's. There he was regarded as a Fin genius. brilliantly saved an out of control Olympics and showed a profit. Made $250,000,000 from scratch. In contrast BO {smells} the Community organizer who shielded his College records. Very poor H/Sch record got into a very difficult to get into Occidental College. At Columbia he got B's in classes where he rarely showed.

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