Vavi: Zille using the unemployed

2012-07-18 16:07

Pretoria - DA leader Helen Zille uses the unemployment and job creation agenda to score political points, Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said on Wednesday.

"She (Zille) is presenting herself as the new champion of the most marginalised in society, particularly the unemployed," Vavi told a worker conference in Centurion.

"She is trying to endear herself to this marginalised South African population that is beginning to lose hope because we don't have a solution."

He accused of Zille of pretence, saying she championed the cause of the unemployed for the sake of accolades and votes in the next election.

"In her small mind, she believes that the ANC is done and is finished without Cosatu. She is discrediting Cosatu to remove the stumbling block to her attaining power in 2014," said Vavi.

He cautioned that the tripartite alliance could only under-estimate the political threat posed by the DA at its own peril in future elections.

"Don't underestimate the fact that already, five percent of the blacks in townships are voting for the DA. It's not a small matter. It's time to say to all of us -- 'vuka ma ulele' (wake up)," he said.

"Wake up and smell the coffee, don't beat the messenger. We need to look at ourselves today against the image of Nelson Mandela. Only then will we understand the challenges we face," he said.

Vavi said his message was not only aimed at the African National Congress, but was equally directed to all members of the tripartite alliance.

"That message applies to the ANC, the SA Communist Party and Cosatu equally. Quite often we make the mistake of looking only to the bigger organisation, the ANC. We are not in a good space ourselves," he said.

The conference was hosted by the SA Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union (Saccawu).

Earlier, Vavi paid tribute to former president Nelson Mandela, saying Madiba was a genuine leader who put his life in danger to serve, expecting nothing in return.

"In 67 years of his life in public service, in our common struggle to build a non-racial democracy in South Africa, he understood that he would be failing humankind if he did not sacrifice with his own life," Vavi said.

"It is so important for us to speak about unity today, particularly at a time when we face a serious challenge of pretenders at all levels. Mandela is genuine, he never did things so that he would get some form of support."

Vavi said Mandela was not only an icon of South Africa, but Africa and the world.

He led delegates at the conference in singing "Happy birthday Madiba".

July 18 was declared Mandela Day by the UN General Assembly in November 2009. The first president of the new SA and revered statesman celebrated turning 94 on Wednesday.

  • christelle.james.7 - 2012-07-18 16:32

    She must have learned from the masters.......

  • william.letsong.5 - 2012-07-18 16:33

    \In her small mind\ Vavi you are a joke, since when are you an out of the box thinker? \DA leader Helen Zille uses the unemployment and job creation agenda to score political points\, Vavi isn't that exactly what the tripartite alliance been doing since the birth of democracy? At least now you admit, you don't have solutions. Well guess what? The DA is on the ball, and I'm not voting for your president and the ANC comes 2014.

      christelle.james.7 - 2012-07-18 16:42

      You go man....but spread the word buddy - spread the word. We need forward thinking guys (and gals):-)

      colin.dovey - 2012-07-18 16:52

      @William I support YOU all the WAY! Go for it Buddy - these cronies are on their way out....just a matter of time!

  • charlesdumbwin.dumbwin - 2012-07-18 16:36

    Vavi is sounding a little desperate. Are the cracks starting to show?

  • Neven.Subrayal - 2012-07-18 16:36

    Maybe Cosatu should stop thinking that it is a political party and concentrate on being a trade union. Are they really for the people if they are in bed with the enemy(government/ANC)?

      rontheogre - 2012-07-18 17:14

      The whole of the Tri-Partheid Alliance have lost the plot as to what their respective job descriptions are. The common aim now is to enrich themselves as much as possible as soon as possible irrespective of the cost to......well, they don't care about that either. In short, to hell with the voter, the labourer or the citizen of this country. Viva money, Viva mansions, Viva Jonny Walker, Viva bling, Viva private planes, Viva gluttony and POWER! Only give the livestock enough to keep them from baulking so that they can continue to be milked, doesn't matter if the calf dies.

  • uwe.klopfer - 2012-07-18 16:43

    And the ANC doesn't try to score point before an election ? Wrong or right (wrong i think) Vavi, it is called politics, you tell the voting population what they want to hear and hopefully they vote for you. The problem is the ANC has, since 1994 failed to deliver on said promises, and you and your commie tjommies make it worse by making the unproductive workforce more unproductive AND more expensive..THAT = job loss. Moscow wasn't great when it came to economics in the 60s and 70s...

  • duncan.loxton - 2012-07-18 16:43

    Wait a minute,who was that frail old man the thick skinned ANC went to fetch from his sick bed to attend their election campaign and rallies?

  • Khayoh Mfiswah - 2012-07-18 16:45

    Unemployment must b taken seriously now. I dnt blame Zille. ANC must start to act nw bfr it is too late cos DA is breathing on Khongolose's neck

      colin.dovey - 2012-07-18 17:00

      @Khayoh - you're my man! - the face of the NEW SA - Go for it!

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2012-07-18 16:45

    Poor Vavi the unemployed are no longer listening to him. They are turning to the DA as they start to see the light.

  • henry.bose.39 - 2012-07-18 16:54

    Do not underestimate the power of her Force Vavi

  • fairness.iseverything - 2012-07-18 17:14

    Hypocrite is the best word to descibe this bafoon. He steals and calls the guy next to him a thief. Wtf

  • Alonso - 2012-07-18 17:19

    Seems the current leadership in Cosatu has reached their limits of abilities if I listen to the crap spoken by them (Vavi and the dump Cosatu idiot in Cape Town) Cosatu has never been "for the poor", thay are responsible for many thousands of job losses, coming to think of it they are responsible for the poor, yes creating more of them.

  • Hoosen Essa - 2012-07-18 17:52

    This ass Vavi should talk last, the ANC bank on the votes of the uneducated!!!! that is the reality.

  • hennie.vanderberg.5 - 2012-07-18 18:03

    The threat she is here Vavi ... she just has a IQ much higher than yours ! and you know what ? ... she will always have .... VIVA my girl, well done from trying to safe this country !!

  • maredi.mello.75 - 2012-07-18 18:24

    What is your problem, Vavi? So what if she is the new champion of the poor and unemployed? Isn't that what you and your fake comunists do? or are you afraid that the rug is being pulled from under your feet, and with the the feeding trough for thieving ANC comrades?

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-07-18 18:37

    ahem excuse me but are'nt you and your government exploiting the POOR using them for voting purposes etc. VAVI you are the biggest CREATOR of the UNEMPLOYMENT, so you can a cheek to point fingers. Go and clean up infront of your own door before accusing others. At least Helen Zille is fighting for the unemployed to get jobs, you are keeping the doors closed on them....hypocrit. Go and suck some sour grapes,

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-07-18 18:51

    Reason he is scared because he knows that she will actually DO the things she speaks of. Not just talk about helping the poor. Real results, surely the more people working towards helping the poor the better?

  • jack.bleck - 2012-07-18 19:14

    No Vavi - you need to wake up and realize that the Tripartite alliance is a sinking ship. COSATU breaking away from the ANC would pull as many votes from the DA as from the ANC. Most DA voters are looking for a strong opposition with good policy. Currently, the DA and ANC share very similar policies with the DA showing that they're better at implementing these same policies. The Cape Coloured vote originally belonged to the now extinct Labour Party. COSATU has the power to recreate that and form a viable, sufficiently distinct alternative. Wake up yourself!!!

  • clive.kihn - 2012-07-18 19:48

    You and your unions are the greatest enemy of the unemployed, Mr Vavi.

  • mantsho.tlali - 2012-07-18 20:16

    DA is a threat to Vavi, l wonder if he sleeps at night when he thinks of Helen Zille, that one day his party ANC will not be in power,How can the people continue to vote for you when you dont have the solution to thier problems.The thing is that people of South Africa knows that if they put DA in power their lives is going to be is just the matter of time.

  • tommo.too - 2012-07-18 20:48

    What you mean, \We don't have the solution\??? Well you bloody supposed to have the solution tripartite alliance. Thats why you were voted to government!!!

  • robert.burnett.108 - 2012-07-18 21:41

    Can Vavi ever think what has COSATU done about unemployment, who is to blame for unemployment, would it maybe be Cosatu??????? What do they do for the masses other than hype them up to destroy and brake all that comes in their way with their mass dances!!!!!!

  • bheki.shabangu.10 - 2012-07-18 23:11

    How can we vote for them if they don't have the solution to the problem of unemployment? How can we vote for them if corruption and nepotism will never end in their goverment? How can we vote for them if we still working for white people for more than 10years with our diplomas and degree and all MEC and Director children are working for the state with only Matric? Use your 67 minutes wise and take a nap for 67minutes since most of goverment official spend 365 days napping.

  • Wayne - 2012-07-19 07:29

    So Mr Vavi, you are criticising Zille for her attempts to adress the issue of job creation. You yourself admit "marginalised South African population is beginning to lose hope because we don't have a solution." So let me pose the following questions to you; 1)who has been in charge of job creation for the last 18 years? 2)Who should take responsibility for the current status quo? 3)What has your organisation contributed to job creation? Put your mind and your mouth to better use and help adress the problem by putting COSATU's considerable resources (human and other) to good use and help find a solution. Your criticism rings hollow.

  • Cindy Jackman - 2012-07-19 07:40

    Helen Zille is not about gender or color. She is about achieving results and getting the job done. We need more politicians like her irrespective of color.

  • john.rattey - 2012-07-19 08:41

    And so speaks the greatest destoyer of employment.

  • joshua.kean.77 - 2012-07-19 08:46

    hahaha! shame vavi, driving in your merc, your children going to private schools... you really are "for the poor" hey? ;) its easy to be a commrad and a communist when you're ontop, reaping all the rewards... Have to say, well done on convincing people you are actually for them!

  • TheMonk Za - 2012-07-19 11:38

    You clown. Why do u think they voting DA? Whether she has an ulterior motive or not, she is delivering a lot more than our government. That's all ppl want.

  • gail.hayesbean - 2012-07-19 15:18

    I challenge Vavi to stand as a party on its own and likewise the ANC and the SACP. Helen Zille does not need to use the unemployed to score points and neither is this a one sided thing. The ANC and its tripartite alliance have shown themselves to be ineffectual and inept at coming to grips with the realities of unemployment because their officials are sitting pretty in control of the unemployed. Why do the Unions not pay their members when they out on strike - what happens to the money that those workers pay in every month to belong to the Union? Who IS looking after the interests of the unemployed and the less fortunate. We need as a country to stop all pulling in different directions but as long as the Tripartite Aliance officials are running the country this is not going to happen. Helen has been part of this struggle for the less fortunate for many years, she has sat in the back of a police van too for the struggle. There were many whites who DID stand up during those dark years and some who even died but when do we ever hear about them. I t takes time and experience and skill to effect change and we have seen what happens when one attempts to rush things. South Africa is part of a global economy and does not exist in a vacuum. When you throw out the dirty bathwater you don't throw out the baby with it in your desire for wealth and revenge and cleanliness. Helen is helping but tryig to bring in the so called liberated people who are unemployed because its imperative.

  • gail.hayesbean - 2012-07-19 15:32

    You know Vavi, you are the ones who made a lot of people unemployed because of urealistic demands and policies. Numbers count but so do skills. What did the ANC do when they came to power in education? They paid out all the good experienced educztors right to begin with or tried to force them to go where they demanded them to go and teach their ideology which was a different form of nationalism - those teachers saw the writing on the wall and they took their well earned packages and skills and left, either the country or the profession and started private businesses.Your Unions closed down the clothing factories and the motor car factories in places like the eastern Cape with outrageous demands because you did not understand economics and boy the Far east leapt into the gap and so now when you shop at big chain stores a great deal of the merchandise was made by newly employed workers in the Far East because your poor could not afford to pay the prices for clothing and shoes and all kind of things made here because of manufacturing costs. The Far East brutally represses their workers because their workers need the little they can earn and once lost that market is gone. Many lines of car production were taken abroad by the investors for the same reason - no unions stable workforce. The whole rights movement led to people believing they were entitled and had no responsibility towards te people providing the infrastructure financing. A little bit of money is better than nothing!

  • Heinrich - 2012-07-20 14:47

    To Summarize: An apple is saying the Orange is Orange. The Orange does not like this. The Orange then uses another Orange who has respect as some sort of example of a good Orange.

  • tmaneveld - 2012-07-20 15:28

    The key words in this whole story and I quote "She is trying to endear herself to this marginalised South African population that is beginning to lose hope because we don't have a solution." - so everyone should keep voting for the ANC/COSATU who "DON'T HAVE A SOLUTION"?????

  • Kevin - 2012-07-27 15:39

    Vavi what a looser - you are right when you say you dont have a solution - you, COSATU and the modern ANC dont have a clue..!

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