Tshwane continues load shedding

2007-10-10 08:06

Johannesburg - Electricity load shedding is set to continue, the City of Tshwane said on Wednesday.

"By Wednesday morning indications were that the shedding would be even more than that of Tuesday," said the municipality.

The City's public works and infrastructure development director Ndivho Lukwareni said the municipality was preparing to shed up to 370 MW compared with Tuesday's 200MW.

Information on the areas and the times of the shedding would be released.

The municipality said it had been forced to load shed after a request from Eskom on Tuesday morning.

"The electricity supplier indicated that it was experiencing a sudden shortfall in terms of its generating capacity."

The municipality said load shedding could avoid a potential blackout by switching off clusters of substations in a sequence, usually for two hours each.

On Tuesday Eskom said load shedding was started because maintenance and wet weather might interfere with the national power supply.

Spokesperson Fani Zulu asked consumers to use electricity sparingly, in order to reduce demands and to assist in minimising load shedding.

- Sapa