Transnet wants engineers not cleaners

Transnet wants engineers not cleaners

2014-03-20 15:54

Cape Town - It is not true that poorer communities are only good for cleaning work and other low-paid jobs in engineering projects, Transnet CEO Brian Molefe said in Cape Town on Thursday.

"A criticism that has been levelled at Transnet... is that people are saying the role of black people in these programmes is to be cleaners, is to supply catering contracts," he told a packed hall in Khayelitsha.

"I am here to say there is a lot of business to be done with Transnet beyond the cleaning services and catering services."

He said he wanted residents to be equipped with the skills that would enable them to supply engineering consulting and other core functions.

He invited them to apply at maritime and engineering schools.

Molefe was joined by Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba and Eskom CEO Brian Dames.

They were speaking to people in the area on job opportunities and learnerships at state-owned companies, and on improvements and projects in their area.

The OR Tambo Hall in Khayelitsha was packed with mostly young people, a large proportion in yellow African National Congress shirts.

Molefe said Transnet had ensured big projects benefited local communities, such as the announcement on Monday to buy 1 064 locomotives.

"The condition of the programme is that the locomotives must be built in South Africa. Only 70 will be built out of South Africa."

  • Gerhard van Wyk - 2014-03-20 16:04

    I'm sure the maritime and engineering schools are delighted with the quality of maths and science students SA is producing.

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-03-20 18:51

      If Eskom, traffic lights, potholes and eToll billing are a guide, 130% chance of disaster

  • Xavier7034 - 2014-03-20 16:49

    Where are these units being built? Hope not in China and USA....

  • piet.vanzyl - 2014-03-20 16:57

    Speak to Angie. If she does a proper job of educating our kids there will be engineers of ALL races. It is bit going to happen any time soon as the ANC is seriously destroying the education system

  • Raymond Kok - 2014-03-20 17:11

    well once again why was this meeting not held where everybody is welcomed ,i bet in mitchelsplain there are capable people or in manenberg you racist pieces of cow dang ,once again the coloured community is excluded and yet you get idiots like the treee stoodges that support these racist pigs

      Suidlander van Wyk - 2014-03-20 20:40

      Raymond there are too many gangsters in your area, you can't expect engineers to come from such. Atleast you can take your gangsters brothers to Stormers offices for some winter cleaning please

      Jon Low - 2014-03-21 00:43

      Cow dang?

      jerome.fakoe - 2014-03-21 05:59

      Suidlander van Wyk, stereotyping I see. How about your brothers, sisters and cousins mating in Brakpan, perhaps they can work for transnet

  • Dennis Dawson - 2014-03-20 17:12

    There was enough engineers, but because off the ANC that f....k every thing up in SA those skilled guys left the country, i am also one off those guys, sorry, my man get the useless people and the stealers to work for you

      Mliks Mchunu - 2014-03-20 18:06

      why are you still commenting on S.A matters?

      justin.vwyk - 2014-03-20 21:54

      Exactly - no need to justify your decision to leave, just leave and move on with your life.

  • Mirko Zan - 2014-03-20 17:18

    eish I have 30% in Maths and Science , can I be an engineer for this job?

      Sepp Stoxreiter - 2014-03-20 17:37

      Sorry, you are overqualified

      Flip Smit - 2014-03-21 05:36

      They think if thry sit infront of a taxi, they are engineneer, is they sit in the back of a taxi, they are enginefar

  • Sepp Stoxreiter - 2014-03-20 17:21

    I had the 'wonderful opportunity' to evaluate two such recently qualified engineers, from one of the top universities in the country, not the bottom of the heap. Bottom line: Totally useless, unable to reason, problem solving skills non-existent, don't understand on a deeper level basic engineering concepts. Unable to apply whatever they have supposedly learned.

      stefan.strydom.902 - 2014-03-20 17:52

      Raiks, considering your English grammar, I think you proved Sepp's point: Your government provides you with a useless matric and expect you to do jobs oike rngineers

      stefan.strydom.902 - 2014-03-20 17:52

      Raiks, considering your English grammar, I think you proved Sepp's point: Your government provides you with a useless matric and expect you to do jobs oike rngineers

      stefan.strydom.902 - 2014-03-20 17:52

      Raiks, considering your English grammar, I think you proved Sepp's point: Your government provides you with a useless matric and expect you to do jobs oike rngineers

      stefan.strydom.902 - 2014-03-20 17:54

      @Raiks: ... Jobs like engineers, et al. Pity people like you have a voice.

  • Guido Mol - 2014-03-20 19:57

    Somebody help me here: Transnet paying 50Biljoen on 70 locomotives built in China, it includes all the electric motors for all the other locomotives. The rest of the 1064 locomotives are to be built by local companies and manufacturers of required items. What will be the total amount spend in the end ?

  • jungleboy - 2014-03-20 20:16

    Its only a matter of time before the media uncover the rot in Transnet. The smart people who really made a difference have all left becuse Gigaba and Molefe are so thick and stupid.

  • jungleboy - 2014-03-20 20:26

    I have a friend who had an engineering bursary from Transnet. After 4 years she quit and gave the money back. She said she would never spend a single day working for a racist company.

  • Riaan Joubert - 2014-03-20 21:17

    What they post here and the mail from yard managers,hr,er and operations manager is not at all xxxxx same is like nothing forgv them you can show your enthusiasms pay gor your own courses that just not making sense for us from my yard manager"I regret to inform you that your contact obligations prohibits to do more

  • makhavhu.thenga - 2014-03-20 22:41

    South Africans are sick people, always bad mouthing and fighting one another. What good can come out from any of you really. Is this how you all want to live for there rest of your lives? Full of hate?

      Stephanie Sutherland - 2014-03-20 23:45

      This is a culture being encouraged by politicians to ensure votes by playing on race against the other. Time to wake up and either tell pollies to stuff of or get in the ring and sort this out once and for all. That way everyone can move forward.

  • Jon Low - 2014-03-21 00:42

    They need to have excellent mathematics skills to become engineers or navigators. No point in applying to get into engineering or maritime schools if they can't cope with advanced-level mathematics.

  • Raymond Kok - 2014-03-21 07:59

    @suidlander it shows how ignorant you are of the 10 gansters that lives amongst a whole lot of good decent hard working people ,you asume that everybody that live sin thesen areas are gansters,i will gladly take you there and show you good decent people.Please this is not about gansters this is about blatend racism before 94 we were too black to be white now we are too white to be black even the chinese has more rights than we the coloured or the wrong shade of black people have.I never dreamed of this reverse apartheid will ever reared its ugly black head , and while all this is happening our children has to sit at home and fall prey to gansters or become teenage moms

  • Chris Du Preez - 2014-03-21 08:46

    Why everybody only see the present? These ceo's try to accomplish something 20 years from now. Maybe a bit more positive and give them a chance

      Raymond Kok - 2014-03-21 11:59

      i sure would like to come join you in la la land Chris but if i knew what benifits went with the colour of your skin before i was born, you bet i would have chose that skin

  • Juanroux Stiffler Greyling - 2014-03-21 08:51

    i bet you after the elections he won't even remember that he said anything about job creation....damn the race card is just so gets them every time......

  • Francois Cassie Carstens - 2014-03-22 18:04

    Guys, come on. There is an opportunity here staring you in the face! Will someone please create a staff recruiting service for engineers. Then outsource the good guys to Transnet. That way their BEE numbers look good but the work get's done by real engineers and the colour of your skin does not matter. Contact me let's get this ball rolling. We outsouce them to Transnet per hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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