Trade minister visits Cuba

2012-11-05 07:54

Johannesburg - Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies arrived in Cuba on Saturday to meet with the country's deputy president Esteban Lazo, his ministers and several business people, the department said.

Department spokesperson Sidwell Medupe said they hoped the visit would result in strengthened ties with the Caribbean nation.

Davies would also attend the opening of the 30th Havana International Fair on Sunday, Medupe said.

Several South African companies were exhibiting at the business fair and Davies would officially open the South African Pavilion.

Of the 216 destinations for South Africa's exports globally, Cuba ranked 83rd in 2011.

Earlier this year, Cuba and South Africa entered into a R350m economic assistance package agreement.

The minister said he believed the package would "go a long way in boosting economic relations".

He was expected to stay in Cuba until Wednesday and then travel to Jamaica and Brazil.


  • megala.arxithia - 2012-11-05 08:22

    I am sure Cuba , with its pisspot two-bit run-down economy, can be nothing more than a sugar provider to South Africa. The ANC ministers visit there has more to do with pissing off America, the world biggest economy, than it does with real economic and trade issues. Just another example of how the ANC has no clue about economics, trade, international relations and the link between them.

      douglas.reid.921 - 2012-11-05 09:47

      They still have the best cigars for fat cats!!!

  • george.slade.161 - 2012-11-05 08:26

    They feel at home there --Only other place which still has Comrades.

      tony.angel.3975 - 2012-11-05 08:57

      Ja boet,and to smoke zoll!

  • wwrer.ww - 2012-11-05 08:39

    They are going to swap Che Guevara t-shirts.

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