Tender email scam hits firms

2011-08-15 07:40

Johannesburg - An email scam that tricked people into depositing money into an account, under the pretext that they were awarded a government tender, has been reported to the police, the Limpopo treasury said on Sunday.

The emails were sent by an address registered in the MEC for finance David Masondo's name, department spokesperson Kevin Ramdharie said.

"No such tender was awarded, as is claimed in the fraudulent email. The MEC does not award tenders as the department has relevant committees which deal with (that) line with supply chain management prescripts."

Ramdharie said successful service providers would receive a letter from the department and have their details advertised in the provincial tender bulletin.    

  • Nisreen - 2011-08-15 09:49

    When is the South African Government going to create real jobs so that scoundrels like these don't take advantage of the few trying to make an honest living. Common Mr President, do something !

      Kim - 2011-08-16 07:55

      Nobody, not even the government taxing every working person in SA their full salary every month, will ever be able to create 30 million jobs in this country. It is just not possible.

  • Really? - 2011-08-15 12:05

    Well the people who paid this money should be investigated, as they don't mind paying to be "awarded" a tender... This spam can be used to flush out corrupt tender applications, brilliant

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