Teachers union refuses wage offer

2010-10-10 15:56

Johannesburg - The SA Democratic Teachers' Union (Sadtu) has confirmed it is rejecting the government's wage offer, a union official said on Sunday.

However, the union would not embark on industrial strike action and had formally ended the current strikes, Sadtu spokesperson Nomusa Cembi said.

"The union refuses to sign the document," she said.

"Sadtu will continue to give full report backs on the process to its members on the way forward."

The government had offered a 7.5% wage increase and R800 housing allowance and had included proposals on medical scheme payments and the minimum service level agreement.

This followed a three week public sector strike.

The Sunday Times newspaper reported that re-elected Sadtu president Thobile Ntola said: "we still feel strongly that what government is putting on the table is immoral".

"Quality public service cannot be delivered by computers, but by workers, human beings, and for them to be passionate and focused to deliver quality service, they must be paid very well," he told delegates at the end of the union's national congress in Johannesburg.

"What we are declaring from this congress is war with the government."

The Democratic Alliance on Sunday said Sadtu had turned into a "reckless monster".

This was due to the statement Ntola made on television on Sunday saying the union would make the country "ungovernable", the DA said.

"The escalation of anarchistic rhetoric comes on the heels of yesterday's (Saturday) statement that Sadtu has declared 'war on government'," the party said in a statement.

The DA said it was urging Sadtu members to put the interests of pupils first by terminating their union membership thereby ending the "financial lifeline that keeps this anti-education organisation, which is hostile to the interests of learners, alive".

  • clint - 2010-10-10 17:51

    7.5% plus 800 is not 7.5. It's about 17.5%. I am quite honesty sick and tired of paying for things I don't use. I feel for the teachers who work but it appears the majority do not and yet earn a wage. No matter how small it is, if the job isn't done that is theft. I would have no problem giving them 200% if the teachers taught, stopped having sex with students, were not drunk, pitched for work and understood what they were teaching. Unfotunately to say this is rare is untrue and even 'rare' is too much for our kids to have to deal with. Show me you can teach and you get the cash. Show me you can keep the classrooms in order, have working plumbing, windows that are not broken and no rubbish and maybe then I will care. It does not take money to have pride guys.

  • LA4UL - 2010-10-10 20:50

    Pay tax for things I don't use, I don't want to have children in this forsaken country, why should I pay to put 1/3 of the population which is under 18 through school? Let their parents pay school fees, if they can't afford it they shouldn't have had children. If their parents paid high fees they will make their children value education and study and work hard. My parents already paid for the infrastructure of my generation's schooling. Anyway, this is just another tax for which I receive absolutely no benefit at all. Until we have population control there will continue to be more people who want more money and fewer people willing to work as economic-slaves.

  • Moeketsi - 2010-10-11 08:09

    Hi CLINT, please calculate well. The increase is 7.5% and plus R300 (R500 to R800) of housing allowance. Currently our housing allowance is R 500 and it has increased to R800.

  • Laughing matter - 2010-10-11 09:18

    I agree with Clint on some points, specially teachers that do not pitch for work and know when to be back before action is taken only to go off again a week later. But there is the kids also that break stuff just do not pitch for class and deal in drugs. I know this as fact because I have family that works at a Highschool!!!!Scary if you think of the future

  • Newton 2 - 2010-10-11 09:33

    Teach your kids well so that they can earn well and pay more tax so that you get paid better. Taking away one month from kids matric year is blatant irresponsibility and this is raising the ire of children who are most affected - the kids in public schools - another rebellion against teachers is bound to start and it may become ugly

  • peter - 2010-10-11 12:09

    Do the Unions care how many jobs they have detroyed with overseas investors eyeing the power playorchestrated by the Communist party cadres in control of the Unions. Wake up workers- you are being used to destroy this lovely country. Never forget the union leaders get paid whilst you do not when on strike. You are educated - think before you jeopardise the childrens future and with it SA's future

  • Boza - 2010-10-15 08:17

    It is long over due ,SADTU shuold consider signing due to the fact that they should start to negotiate for 2010-2011.

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