Shiceka: No decision yet on councils

2010-12-07 16:17

Pretoria - No final decision has been made about dissolving weak municipalities, Local Government Minister Sicelo Shiceka said on Tuesday.

Although some provinces were “in a rush” for the process to take place, Shiceka said the decision would be based on reports which were expected to be submitted in January next year. These would detail which municipalities should be done away with.

“We can't do away with municipalities before the local government elections (next year),” Shiceka told journalists.

He reiterated his department's intention to “clean up and refashion” the system before 2014.

“South Africa will have new municipalities then.”

Shiceka said the department has identified over 30 laws and 350 provisions in the Municipal Systems Act to be scrapped, as they hamper service delivery.

This will also ensure that by 2014, as per an agreement signed with President Jacob Zuma, “we hit the ground running”.

“The rubber must hit the tar,” he declared.

  • Francois Smith - 2010-12-07 18:04

    Are the new muncipalities only going to be formed after all political dividends has been paid? Then Baas Sicelo, will you resign if the promise is not lived up to? Will you please also get us the taxpayers' money that was stolen back? Amandla. Power to the Powerless, Showers to the showerless!

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