Salga, unions consider new offer

2012-07-05 17:35

Durban - Municipal worker unions and the SA Local Government Association (Salga) have a new proposed pay settlement to consider.

Both parties said in Durban on Thursday that facilitator Younis Shaik had tabled a new proposal for them to think about. His previous one was rejected on Wednesday.

Unions and Salga have until July 19 to seek approval from their members for the new offer.

The facilitator had proposed a 6.5% increase for 2012/2013, effective from July 1, with an additional 0.5% increase from January 2013.

In the 2013/2014 year, the proposal is for a consumer price index (CPI) average plus 1.25%, and a CPI average plus one percent in 2014/2015.

This was an improvement over the previous proposal of a 6.5% increase for 2012/2013, with a consumer price index (CPI) average plus 0.78% for 2013/2014, and a CPI average plus one percent in 2014/2015.

At the start of negotiations in May, unions wanted a 15% increase. Salga offered four percent.

Independent and Municipal Allied Trade Union secretary general Johan Koen said the latest offer still had to be taken back to the members.

"We believe this is the best deal for all the parties," said Koen.

He said the union leadership had taken into account that more than 100 municipalities were in financial crisis when taking the latest offer back to its members.

SA Municipal Workers Union general secretary Mthandeki Nhlapo said he could not discuss the latest proposal until union members had had a chance to review it.

Salga's human capital director Zwe Ndlala said municipalities would consider the offer.

  • gieljam.gomtor - 2012-07-05 18:07

    We the residents say they cant get raises they are all ready doing virtually nothing and are getting too much money at the expense of the well burdened and taxed rate payers .

      Pixie86 - 2012-07-05 19:46

      shows how little you know of municipalities. People at the bottom, the ones not earning so much and driving fancy cars aren't the ones who make the service delivery decisions. It's the municipal manager and the council. And for your info, municipal employees pay tax too. Hell, they're heavily taxed!

      ashley.james.3701779 - 2012-07-06 08:26

      I work for Electricity engineering for the City of Cape Town. Trust me, My team and I work really hard to maintain the distribution standards, i must admit, that there are some people that are lazy but we pay rates & taxes. Trust me the money is not great but its a stable job and for people like me who work hard, would appreciate that little yearly increase. For all those who don't know, We do not bargain our increase, it is determined between the Union and SALGA.

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