SIU boasts 94% conviction rate

2011-06-15 11:30

Cape Town - The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) achieved a conviction rate of close to 95% in 2009/10, Justice Minister Jeff Radebe said on Wednesday.

He was replying in writing to a parliamentary question by Mpowele Swathe of the Democratic Alliance, who wanted to know how many cases the unit had investigated in that financial year.

Radebe replied it was "unfortunately not possible to indicate how many cases the SIU investigated in total without a large administrative burden".

However, the SIU had investigated 4 373 cases in which prosecutions were finalised during the year.

Of the 4 373 cases finalised, there was a conviction rate of 94.1%.

"There was a conviction in 4 117 cases. There was an acquittal or 'failed prosecution' in 256 cases," Radebe said.

  • gcr - 2011-06-15 12:48

    Radebe is a master of disguise/lies - tell us Mr Radebe how many of those cases in which you got convictions are under appeal, I would suspect a large proportion. Radebe was an absolute plonker in the Roads ministry and now he is taking that competency into Justice

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