SA wines might get labour labels

2012-11-15 09:49

Cape Town - Wine farmers may have to label their products to indicate they were produced under fair labour conditions, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has said, Beeld reported on Thursday.

"The government is continuously busy promoting our interests and products internationally, but at home we expect to see progress as far as issues like ethical trade practices are concerned," he was quoted as saying.

Davies said he would take the label issue further, and that it might amount to farmers being compelled to put labels on their products assuring consumers the wines were produced under humane labour conditions.

Davies said he was not at all surprised by the protests by Western Cape farmworkers.

  • kenpeg.dawson - 2012-11-15 10:05

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAAAAAAA What next from the cANCer national idiot committee.

      janice.mcmaster.92 - 2012-11-15 10:42

      Who on Gods green earth do they think they are?????

      claudia.meads - 2012-11-15 11:08

      How about they publish the criminal records and the IQ's of each of the South African ministers (and the goon they call their President) on ALL South African products. BTW - what is the international standard/norm for "fair labor conditions" - I am sure the Chinese would be very keen to provide some guidance in this regard, or perhaps Mugabe can give some guidance from practices in the Marange diamond fields... WHAT AN UNMITIGATED IDIOT DAVIES IS - he is evidently on the same muti as Nzimande..,

      alan.gernet - 2012-11-15 11:17

      Eish - next thing White Wine will be banned!

      ina.cripps - 2012-11-15 11:35

      @ Alan- Wouldn't surprise me one bit! LOL!

      claudia.meads - 2012-11-15 11:40

      alan.gernet, Indeed and if the ANC gets its way, they will enforce legislation that wine produced in SA, can only be made from blackberries...

      alan.gernet - 2012-11-15 12:03

      whaahaa Claudia - apparently B(l)acksberg Wines will be exempt.

      alan.gernet - 2012-11-15 12:05

      Think I will just give up wine now, and migrate onto Black Label Beer

      freddie.miff - 2012-11-15 12:31

      Actually it is a good idea.... so we can avoid wines with the label on in future. It should state "this wine was produced by lazy, entitled, striking, intimidating layabouts."

  • kenpeg.dawson - 2012-11-15 10:07

    WHAAAAAA HAHAHA We dont have to make fools of them they doing just fine.

  • PrettyUsefulArt - 2012-11-15 10:16

    On the one hand I'm appalled at this. On the other I can sort of understand the need for fair labour practice on our farms. Be interesting to read the opinions of others more in the know than I am.

      alan.gernet - 2012-11-15 11:21

      er - it's like putting a label on a a bridge built by a BEE Tenderepeneur. No corruption occured during the conception, tendering, procurement and construction of this Gantries. Ooop - there was some, so I sadly cannot use the toll roads.

      konstabel.koekemoer - 2012-11-15 16:21

      How would you police this whole thing? You'll need to create a whole new department just to do inspections and administer the process. More opportunity for corrpution as well. Many wine producers source their grapes from different farms so this would be a very complicated process. This is another unworkable suggestion from an ANC minister who makes statements without any consideration of reality.

  • gary.desousa.7 - 2012-11-15 10:20

    This communist/socialist minister of trade just gets better by the day and soon we can have our wines labled by the palastinions in occupied terrorist territory.

      alan.gernet - 2012-11-15 12:10

      Witblitz anybody?

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-15 10:25

    Davies trashy communistic policies have over priced everything in SA now! soon the Animal Farm will implode. Who reckons Davies should become a worker instead of a taker? Build our Future

  • lillian.montgomery.9 - 2012-11-15 10:36

    Label perhaps to read: "no farmer worker was hurt or underpaid during the making of this wine" (-:

      PrettyUsefulArt - 2012-11-15 11:06

      Or: No farmer was killed during the making of this wine.

      beverly.young3 - 2012-11-15 12:09

      I wonder what they will do about the chickens? "no chikcen was unfairly treated whilst in the hok" Really I think there is some sort of 'jam-jar' work list that says everyone in government have to make an announcement for the press at least 3 times a month. Doesnt matter what they say, as long as their is publicity. Watch out yoy okes, biltong will be targeted next!!

  • brad.ken.18 - 2012-11-15 10:48

    As if these sphincter valves dont have better things to do. To talk directly to Davies, you have to talk through Zuma's gut he is so far up there!

  • declan.kelly.54 - 2012-11-15 10:54

    It's the new Free Range. I can see all the new age people sitting around the table saying "It might be more expensive, but it just tastes better than non-certified, don't you think?" "Yes - a slight woody fragrance, with just a hint more fairness than some other wines of the region." ;-)

      PrettyUsefulArt - 2012-11-15 11:07

      Hahahaha. Sharp!

      alan.gernet - 2012-11-15 11:23

      and like many of the grapes inthe region - these were 'harvested' at night.

      siyabonga.phungula1 - 2012-11-15 15:27

  • ro.jhb.1 - 2012-11-15 11:03

    Will the government and the ANC require stickers saying thieving and corruption free???????????????????

  • marc.hugo.75 - 2012-11-15 11:11

    What a craptastic idea Rob!! Typical trotskyite concept. I, as the consumer need so such assurance.

  • markus.ippy - 2012-11-15 11:39

    Interesting thought , I thought we have labour laws , and fines if someone does not comply . If the conditions are inhumane , I am Shure the employer gets a fine and must rectify ? So does Mr Davies imply with this that our labour laws allow inhumane treatment ? Or does it mean a employer can elect to not comply with labour laws and just put a label on that says : Made by exploited workers under inhumane conditions . If the labour laws are not on par then Shure Mrs Olifant should do her work . Dear Mr Davies , some advice , please think before you speak .

      alan.gernet - 2012-11-15 12:04

      Sorry Markus - but thinking before you speak is not the anc way

      alan.jerrold - 2012-11-15 14:21

      In fact, alan, even 'thinking' at all is not the ANCway.

  • michael.duplessis.71 - 2012-11-15 12:03

    Will the ANC government label all the Chinese imports as unfair working conditions?

      alan.gernet - 2012-11-15 12:09

      no can do - they are Showerhead's puppetmasters.

  • sbarnard2 - 2012-11-15 12:33

    Farmers label \my farm was burnt to bring u this wine\....close fong kong PEP then...children ,ablur abuse in china...

  • strikeback.strikeback - 2012-11-15 15:13

    Why don't we label ruling party politicians with a label that reads "Corruption Free Government Official". Strikeback will sponsor the labels. We have a budget of between R60 to R69 for labels, but with some pressure we can look at R150. Remove the unions and your problems are solved.

  • strikeback.strikeback - 2012-11-15 15:19

    While we are putting it out there - R500 for the best label for Government products - like "Corruption Free Tender" "Honest politician" "Non Cader Appointee" Send your proposals to us - contact details on

  • ike.jakson - 2012-11-15 18:59

    The author maybe unknowingly illustrates the largest problem that we face in this country, that of people shooting their mouths off or playing the race card at the wrongest of times. Davies should be fired. We don’ need rabble-rousing Ministers; having Malema is more than enough.

  • SarelJBotha - 2012-11-15 20:27

    What an idiotic idea. How long before these idiots decide to declare white wine and white wine drinkers as racist? Mean while they are busy being stupid, surely they can do this as well.

  • maureen.churchill.9 - 2012-11-16 09:46

    Sure label the bottles, destroy thousands of jobs, who really cares, I'm actually beyond caring.

  • denny.cray - 2012-11-16 11:44

    Imposing more rules do to business never encourages more business. I'd honestly love to have high standards of living for everyone. Before even contemplating the salaries and working conditions of employed workers shouldn't we be more worried about the 30%+ who have no jobs/no salaries/*no* working conditions? Some employment, *any voluntary employment*, for this group would be a massive improvement. Why must the government constantly punish them? Is it best to keep them financially crippled and on welfare to be assured of their vote?

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-11-16 16:08

    IS South African platinum mines now required to bare a label that workers were killed under duress in the 'Marikanna Massacre' and will these labels be required for all South African goods, and is the government going to pay for them, and is the government going to pay the inspectors???

  • alex.richards.94064 - 2012-11-22 12:51

    How about the same on chinese goods???? And a label showing they pay taxes in South Africa???

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