SA 'snubbed' by Bric club

2009-06-18 07:51

Cape Town - The South African government feels snubbed after not being invited to a Bric (Brazil, Russia, India and China) summit.

"South Africa was not there quite simply because we were not invited. The department of international co-operation must look into this. We must be in that club. We belong there," said trade and industry director-general Tshediso Matona.

He was responding to questions from parliament's trade and industry portfolio committee about South Africa's absence at the debut Bric summit. The summit, held earlier this week in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, focused on establishing a new level of cooperation between the world's most influential developing economies.

> Committee members stressed that it was critical for South Africa to be at the Bric table, especially since it is hoping for improved trade relations with these countries.

South Africa's Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has been vociferous about how trade with the Bric countries holds far more potential for South Africa than deals offered by developed countries.

The next Bric summit will be held in Brazil in 2010.