SA service delivery exceptional - Zuma

2012-09-10 12:47

Johannesburg - South Africa has achieved far more in 18 years in service delivery than any other country, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday.

"No country could have produced the delivery we have made in 18 years," he told the SA Local Government Association (Salga) national conference in Midrand.

He said government successes in service delivery were lost in the "hurley-burley" of competitive politics.

Non-delivery of services often had to do with problems inherited from apartheid, he said.

"There is a common tendency to look at government at all levels as if those who are governing have brought the problem, instead of deep-seated challenges (from) the past."

Government was working hard to address these problems, Zuma said.

Government was shy to boast about its successes and this then created a space for those criticising government to sound like they were telling the truth.

"All I am calling for is balanced reporting about the progress we have made in this country."

Conference delegates welcomed Zuma in song with a smattering of people holding up two fingers - a sign favouring Zuma to serve a second term as African National Congress president.

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  • sisie.indola - 2012-09-10 12:57

    Flabbergasted & gobsmacked all in one. Who is this person?

      gary.bloom.967 - 2012-09-10 14:56

      I agree, he's clearly not talking about his own country. I thought that this was the funniest part. "Non-delivery of services often had to do with problems inherited from apartheid, he said." How much more can you blame on apartheid?? Clearly there is loads more coming.

      erich.goosen - 2012-09-10 15:17

      Service delivery exceptional? Not in this life. This man is a tragic comedient and this phrase will continue to elicit chuckles in the years to come.

      nico.vandermerwe.54 - 2012-09-10 16:20

      Is it the Chinese professorship that leads to this empirical deduction? Give it back! Give it back!

      gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-09-10 17:26

      Mr Zuma stop insulting the south african people's intelligence!

      demi.davidson.18 - 2012-09-10 17:52

      He makes me want to vomit.

      John - 2012-09-10 22:47

      "government is shy"?!?!? Seriously?????? They don't seem shy about stealing money. They don't seem shy about continually blaming apartheid for ALL their shortcomings when they had 18 years to make an actual difference. It is thanks to the private sector that the economy is still running in spite of being milked and raped to the bone by taxes and fuel increases. It is the few that are being bled to fund the government and their thugs' lifestyle, not to mention our shower-head, polygamist-rapist sorry excuse for a president. Shy? Seriously? Shame is what they should feel. Fvcklng hypocrite!

      markmc83 - 2012-09-11 18:53

      I might have believed Zuma's statement in regard to service delivery problems having been inherited from apartheid, if only the countries service delivery had not deteriorated considerable in those 18 years.

  • harley.quin.334 - 2012-09-10 13:01

    I think Shell did some fracking in Zoomers head and found nothing but hot air

      mal10s - 2012-09-10 14:07

      I haven't laughed so hard since Eugene fell off his horse...

  • adrian.snyman.16 - 2012-09-10 13:02

    Uuuhhh ... nope. Infrastructure deterioration is evidence that the perception of "improved service delivery" is misguided

  • malcolm.macleod.562 - 2012-09-10 13:02

    de·lu·sion·al [dih-loo-zhuh-nl] noun 1. Jacob Zuma.

  • frans.visserdsb - 2012-09-10 13:03

    How could we be so blind? Of course! we now have a great healthcare system, our roads are great, services work, we have clean drinking water from the taps in all towns, we have a great education system, we have a surplus of electricity... Oh, wait. That was 20 years ago. My bad.

  • joe.farmer.92775 - 2012-09-10 13:05

    Should read “Service delivery in the past 18 years the exception” Damn those grade 5 reading skills

  • - 2012-09-10 13:05

    and there are so many that will agree with him.

  • Ntobane Setabola - 2012-09-10 13:07

    I don't support Zuma,he is stupid but I agree with this statement. The present gorvement had achieved much better things for both races than the apartheid gorvement which concentrated in enriching whites only and hiding its corruptions.

      jurie.nel.3 - 2012-09-10 13:30

      "Those who do not think, should at least rearrange their prejudices once in a while." Do you not think for yourself, or do you quote lies without checking them? And anyway - which two races do you mean? The race to the food tables, or the race to the trough? Get real!

      graham.j.nelson.7 - 2012-09-10 16:50

      What are you smoking Ntobane....Education for one is pathetic was definitely better for all races before 1994

  • shawn.swiegers - 2012-09-10 13:09

    Yes Mr President... People are protesting and rioting because there was nothing good to watch on SABC

  • claude.macpherson - 2012-09-10 13:15

    Proof our leader smokes crack !

  • provence.poppies - 2012-09-10 13:16

    Zuma belongs on the old 'Pot Roast and Biltong" show. He is a comedian par excellence. Actually he actually believes in what he says, that's why he is such a Joke!

  • provence.poppies - 2012-09-10 13:21

    Zuma, you remind me of Maria Antoinette, You are clueless as to what is happening around you. The majority of your people do not live in your little world, where you are secure at night and fill your stomach on steaks and pap. Come December you are finished and will be on the streets like the rest of us.

  • jurie.nel.3 - 2012-09-10 13:25

    Go tell that to the demonstrators.

  • nananatakemehome - 2012-09-10 13:26

    Negro please. My family is still living in the same township that was supposed to be 'temporary' in 1994, it is still there today, no electricity, no sewerage removal, and no date in sight as to when we can build permanent structures, because it is 'temporary'. I say it is 'permanently temporary.' Yes, there has been some achievements to be proud of, but are what metrics are you using to say, 'no other country' could have done better. UN...bleeping...BELIEVABLE!!! Is our goal for a "Better Life for All" to have a shack for every one in every squatter camp? And whatever happened to that?

  • TshilidziPhuravhathu - 2012-09-10 13:27

    A lot of us call him stupid and many jump to his diffence, but he just never stops prooving them wrong...

  • COMPRSA - 2012-09-10 13:32


  • willem.wulfse - 2012-09-10 13:32

    He meant the service delivery to the Zuma clan and all the corrupt cadres. Things have never been so good for so few. ‘R675bn lost to corruption since 1994’ according to Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa.

  • jurie.nel.3 - 2012-09-10 13:32

    On a serious note - if Zuma actually believes this, he is very far removed from reality. Then we are further down the road to disaster than we ever imagined.

  • psalm.proverb.3 - 2012-09-10 13:34

    Clearly Jacob Zuma's talent is wasted. He should be a stand-up comedian.

  • tony.pope.5205 - 2012-09-10 13:47

    I suppose that's how it feels when you've moved from a hut to Tuynhuys. He may as well have said "Let them have cake!"

  • kwbateman - 2012-09-10 13:51

    Dear Prez - A list of riotous protests should be a good yardstick to test your opinion against!

  • johnnie.vercuil - 2012-09-10 14:05

    This man really needs his head read.Plenty of service - but no DELIVERY.

  • Wesg8 - 2012-09-10 14:11

    It may be that in 18 years SA has achieved a great deal in Service delivery. That is thanks to the surge in roads, clinics and schools that were built in the first ten years of democracy. I would like Mr Zuma to publicise the figures of Service Delivery in the last eight years, even more still in the years since he has been president!!

  • johnnie.vercuil - 2012-09-10 14:13

    Come December come - let us get rid of this man.

  • david.petrowski.56 - 2012-09-10 14:17

    What the hell has JZ being smoking. I want some of that too. 18 years down the line, and it's still apartheid's fault. You make any decent South African sick.

  • zwelithini.gagayi - 2012-09-10 14:23

    Shame, my president. He is not feeling well. It can't be easy having so many women in your life and the country. I feel for you Msholozi. Shame Poor thing.

  • martin.ammann.54 - 2012-09-10 15:01

    ...and I thought burning tires, throwing bricks and threatening drivers by are protests. Silly me to have misinterpreted these wide spread celebration dances and projectiles of joy!?!

  • pierre.hough - 2012-09-10 16:15

    13 out of 343 municipalities and metro's got clean reports (which include service delivery, by the way). Testimony to the idiots statement!

  • david.wolpert.39 - 2012-09-10 16:32

    Jacob in Wonderland,or is it Cuckooland

  • mel.mcbride1 - 2012-09-10 16:36 what you are saying is we're better off than countries with absolutely NO services...well thats comforting

  • CDerrenberg - 2012-09-10 16:52

    Service delivery ????????? HA-HA-HA !!! WHAT A JOKE !

  • lenox.ntlantsana - 2012-09-10 17:12

    Reverse reverse apertheid, easier said than done! Who else would think like you Mr President?

  • KennySven - 2012-09-10 17:21


  • demi.davidson.18 - 2012-09-10 17:49

    Is this article for real? If so then SOMEONE, ANYONE, please tell that oaf of a president the true facts. Maybe the shower didn't work and he's brain has gone walk-about!

  • markus.sukram.94 - 2012-09-10 17:53

    When last has he dealt with Telkom?

  • cobus.lubbe.7 - 2012-09-10 17:58

    Zama must be blind or wearing eyeflaps. Maybe he is just not getting out much.

      liyaaqat.james - 2012-09-11 06:15

      Cobus when u live in a 4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms then u comment will have eyeflabs baie van julle surburban commentators dont have an idea of what u are talking about move uit jou woonbuurt en gaan bly in enige lokasie dan sal ek se jy weet wa van jy praat

  • Skhumba - 2012-09-10 18:34

    Udakiwe lowo, amanzi awekho emtuba, iyiphi ke le service delivery akhuluma ngayo, nx!

  • Kgotsoshalom - 2012-09-10 19:17

    Mr. President i tend to differ with you or maybe i don't know what service delivery really is. In Mamelodi when the municipal is going to cut the supply of water or electricity for the better part of the day, they don't even bother to notify us. Then we are left stranded and without a clue of what really happened, unless that of course is not service delivery.

  • phillip.andy.7 - 2012-09-10 19:30

    he is the biggest mistake in the 100 yrs by the ruling party

  • Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-09-10 19:31

    Useless man in the world.Guiness hope you are not ignoring this achievement.

  • trools.els - 2012-09-10 19:38

    Well we 2nd in the world on crime! We are on our way to 1st place; how about that Mr. Zuma? We are really on our way down! Exceptional service delivery? Just read the rest of the post!

  • edgar.mooi - 2012-09-10 19:43

    Thanks my president dats true people looks on de negative thanks to give u plane to what u don't see, never mind much when they critizes us lets 4cus to what dey see an we add to that. The problem is the way money is spent i think the minister of finance must appoint by himself people who have go to vasity that hv done money issues to be responsbel of all provinces .how can we just give money to someone like julias who is just like me to control ,or responsbel to sign some money documents. When money is stolen u get auditors to envestigate employ ds guys to take charge.

      Dee Bone - 2013-05-28 19:32

      Give up Edgar. Your prez has no respect for you bro.

  • ike.jakson - 2012-09-10 21:16

    Niegt Folks, I do agree with Zumaha. Delivery of salaries of Municipal Bureaucrats has been Excellent. Way back when we were a small town on our own [you all remember end 2000] our poor Mayor received an honorary stipend of R 500 per annum and could apply for reimbursement of expenses if he had to entertain municipal workers or investors. Now that we are in Bergmun [Bergrivier Municipality] Western Cape the Municipal Manage who is not competent to be a junior clerk in the mail Department gets delivered of R 18 000 a month plus a guaranteed 13th cheque and she travels overseas full expenses paid. We understand that the Executive Mayor gets delivered R 120 000 per month and unlimited expenses just like his MM. Surely you seen all the Government Audit reports on under-spending most Municipalities have been accused of. Bergrivier is right up the top; overspending so much that they have just had to raise our taxes because MM Christa must soon go on another three month study visit to America to find out how she compares with her counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic pool. Surely that is an improvement of immense proportions and you gotta give it to Oom Jacob.

  • EricksonTL - 2012-09-11 03:59

    SA service delivery bad.

  • sarel.esterhuizen - 2012-09-11 06:17

    Achieved more than any other nation??? By embracing free market principles china and india recorded the highest period of growth the world has ever seen in the same amount of time taking millions out of poverty and making them massive global role-players on the economic stage. Pray do tell how the deindustrialization of our country and deterioration of many key sectors like education and agriculture possibly supports such an outlandish claim. Less yada yada please and more doing/leadership/responsibility.

  • hendrik.bruwer.3 - 2012-09-11 08:28

    The biggest problem inherited from Apartheid are fools such as Jacob Zuma.

  • Chibuli - 2013-03-14 17:05

    The weed they grow at Nkandla is good stuff!

  • Hannes van Wyk - 2013-03-15 10:19

    is he talking about ZIM?????

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