SA eyes R1-trillion nuclear tender

2011-10-19 14:22

Paris - Energy Minister Dipuo Peters confirmed on Wednesday that a tender proposal for the construction of 9 600 megawatts of nuclear power by 2030 currently under review by cabinet could be worth at least R1-trillion.

The value would make it the highest public tender ever issued in South Africa, raising questions about how the government and state-owned utility Eskom would raise the money to pay for the plants.

“We have not as yet done the full calculation and it is only at the time that we place the bid that we will be sure about the total cost, but it would be about that or more,” Peters told Reuters Insider in response to questions regarding speculation about the R1-trillion cost of the tender.

  • Tim - 2011-10-19 15:03

    Man the amount of money the ANC and buddies are gonna steal will be phenomenal! It is such a great time to be in gov'ment...eish. This is gonna make the armsdeal corruption look like a kindergarden party. PS: How can I join gov'ment to get my share of the loot???

  • Adriaan Mostert - 2011-10-19 15:16

    Imagine how much Zuma an his chronies will steal from fraud this time. Tony Yengeni will manage the process...

  • David Robert - 2011-10-19 15:29

    No to Trillion Rand Slavery, no to Debt Contagion, No NUKES, NO SAFE DOSE OF RADIATION.

      detect - 2011-10-19 17:00

      Yes to David for president! ;-)

  • Joseph - 2011-10-19 15:29

    Cool, lots of oppertunity for the tender-preneurs to fill some back pockets.

  • Ross69 - 2011-10-19 15:35

    Another arms deal debacle x 10 .......?

  • detect - 2011-10-19 15:37

    Is this tender to BUILD the nuclear stations or to HOST them in our country? If the former, then good luck to the French. If the latter, then the SA govt can take its R1-trillion and stick it.

  • Levett - 2011-10-19 15:45

    Just build it in the middle of Soweto

  • Ed - 2011-10-19 16:08

    I bet JZ is licking his lips

      Met - 2011-10-19 16:24

      You really think much will be left of SA at the rate its being plundered? This "minister" is dreaming. By 2030, they will be burning rafters to cook food and Im not joking

  • Florian Konrad - 2011-10-19 16:11

    Has Fukushima not tought these idiots anything? If a first world country can not guarantee safe nuclear technology how is a third world country going to do just that? Is it only about profit? What about the future of your children - and the future of the next 100 generations for that matter? South Africa can not even maintain it's roads how are they going to look after another nuclear powerplant and the waste it produces?

      Levett - 2011-10-19 16:22

      You not safe in SA by default

  • Judith - 2011-10-19 16:32

    This has to be stopped - the world cannot afford the destruction that is generated by the nuclear power cycle from the mines to decommissioning. Sing with me - "Kill the world, for it is ours to destroy!". That is what the nuclear cycle does indiscriminately starting with the uranium miners and their communities. Why is cancer rising - nuclear not KFC

      Chris - 2011-10-19 16:42

      Who learned you to spoke English proper - this is a meaningless rant that makes no sense!

  • Chris - 2011-10-19 16:48

    Before everyone jumps up and down about dangers of Nuclear power please consider the damage coal in causing to our environment! Oh and solar - there is a horrible secret there - they use more energy to produce the Voltaic cell then it will produce in it's lifetime! Also contains a chemical compounds (Magnesium) that are harmful to the environment. Yes the panels have a certain lifespan and then they will be dumped!

      Bob Stedi - 2011-10-21 19:17

      "energy to produce the Voltaic cell then it will produce in it's lifetime! " ... yea in about 1960 that was true !!

  • detect - 2011-10-19 16:59

    It seems as though none of our energy sources are harmless - so perhaps we should stop saying either solar/wind or nuclear and start thinking of brand-new options. And before you leap up and down, Liberty, and demand that I come up with this brilliant solution, I must inform you that I am not a nuclear physicist but in fact merely a rocket scientist.

  • jacqueseng - 2011-10-19 19:11

    to put 1 TRILLION into perspective for you folks…… Because most human brains start going funny around 100 million…. 1 million seconds = 11 days 1 billion seconds = 32 years 1 trillion seconds = 32 000 years

  • - 2011-10-19 19:11

    Better than coal.Good. Chinese contract,bad.

      kgare84 - 2011-10-19 21:17

      a 1 GW coal-fired plant costs about $1B(R8 B)... so a 10GW plant would cost around R80 B... now say a CCS plant costs about R20B(random) means a coal fired power plants with CCS is about R100 B...that is still R900 (1 trillion - 100B) less than what they are proposing!!

  • Kevin - 2011-10-19 20:24

    There are going to be some seriously rich government hoods. Sorry zoomer ,but you will be long gone

  • Gerald - 2011-10-20 18:09

    Nature works in compounding ratios (exponents). If the real cost is even 10% above this R1Tn it will screw the country up real goed. Look at Gautrain for example, we're not looking at 10% here. Corruption, energy/oil prices, inflation, legal, improper estimation of the R1Tn, the ri$ks are endless and each has the power to create big trouble at this scale...

      alansmart223 - 2011-11-08 20:55

      @Gerald.. a lot of what you say is true but Koeberg paid for itself in 8 years. And R1Tn is a guestimated figure with no foundation to support it. Besides, if that is not an option, with that kind of money you could build enough solar units to fully power totaly any one of our provinces and have surplus to provide other projects. I just don't understand your statement of expotentiality with regards to investing the money. this coal burning (steam) system stinks of corruption!

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