SA ban on foreign land ownership aimed at farms

SA ban on foreign land ownership aimed at farms

2015-02-17 12:13

Johannesburg - A South African government proposal to ban foreign nationals from owning land will apply to farms, not residential property, a government minister was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

In his State of the Nation address last week, President Jacob Zuma said foreigners would be barred from owning land and South African citizens will not be able to own more than 12 000 hectares, or the equivalent of two farms.

"The land that the president is referring to is productive land not residential property," Gugile Nkwinti, the minister for Rural Development and Land Reform, was quoted as saying on the web site of state broadcaster SABC.

Nkwinti also said that if a farmer owned more than 12 000 hectares, the government would not seize the excess but "will buy the land and redistribute it".

  • Whiz Bang - 2015-02-17 12:18

    Sounds very much like they are making this up while they go along. Another knee jerk reaction not thought through.

      John Dough - 2015-02-17 14:21

      Legislating South Africa into hunger and eventually starvation. Idiots.

      Kallie Marie - 2015-02-17 14:40

      And then want aid from the UN

  • Duco Quanjer - 2015-02-17 12:30

    I'd like to see the wording of the proposal. I fear that this is just words and that with a slightly different interpretation of those same words it is back to what Zuma said. And yes, it does affect me as a foreigner as I intend to retire to SA.

  • Rhys Nolan Evans - 2015-02-17 12:47

    ANC still butthurt they can't farm as well today as a boer could in the 1700s.

  • Michael Southfrica - 2015-02-17 13:08

    A backpedal, a sidestep, then a 360. They really don't know what they are doing.

  • WollieVerstege - 2015-02-17 13:13

    I heard a rumor about this a year or so ago and have already started to subdivide my farm into 9500 hectare parcels. Each owned by a separate legal entity and in each legal entity the permanent workers own shares. So if the government wants to take anything they would have to take it from the very people they are trying to do this for.

      Sascha Rother - 2015-02-17 14:22

      Hey Wollie Im not sure if I misunderstand or you but are you a foreigner? If not why would you divide your land since this bill is aimed at foreigners which makes actually sense to me. Before I get slammed. The idea is not bad - the implementation will be a different story.

      Scouter Four-One - 2015-02-17 15:47

      " ...and South African citizens will not be able to own more than 12 000 hectares, or the equivalent of two farms." Sascha - you should learn to read.

      WollieVerstege - 2015-02-17 17:28

      As Scouter said, this affects South Africans as well. You say the idea is not bad, but the implementation. Unfortunately you are incorrect. At 12000 hectares there is no way in the world that I can make a profit on my farm. In the area it is located you need almost twice the size for the farm to be viable. So if I am limited to the 12000 hectares, the farm goes bust, families loose their livelihoods and you end up paying more for produce on the shelf. Still think it is such a good idea?

      Sascha Rother - 2015-02-18 08:15

      @Scouter: I clearly didn't read correctly - thank you. @Wollie: Thanks for the explanation. I have to admit I assumed 12k hectares was sufficient. My thinking was also more towards foreign investors from China or Russia or wherever who could just buy up the land and prevent locals from making use of it.

      WollieVerstege - 2015-02-18 18:14

      @Sascha I am actually in favor of a use it or lose it policy. I know they are exploring something similar in London where many foreigners are buying properties as an investment, but not renting them out. This is causing a "rental bubble" as there a low supply with high demand.

  • Lee Rock - 2015-02-17 13:21

    SA straight to hell, pointless complaining

  • Klem Dunstan - 2015-02-17 13:53

    Oh for heavens sake spell it out once and for ALL !!!

  • Barnie Botha - 2015-02-17 14:18

    What next White Africans are foreign nationals

  • Hennie De Ruyter - 2015-02-17 14:33

    Divorce your wife and give her 12000 hectare. Then remarry her again outside community of property. Give your children each their 12000. Then carry on as before.

  • Kallie Marie - 2015-02-17 14:42

    Foreigners don't want to farm here anyway as workers are lazy and just want to strike all the time .... SA is not a productive country anymore !!

  • Kallie Marie - 2015-02-17 14:46

    It's not really aimed at " foreigners " but white South Africans is classed as foreigners but bet a year salary my family was here before Zuma's ... and I can prove it !!!

  • Xenswim1 - 2015-02-17 15:35

    Write that in your blood and allow us to sue the government without litigation costs if the above interpretation is wrong. At the moment land is land and a house is an improvement to such land. By definition even with farms or Home, improvements to the land are not held as being separate but consolidated. Take a look at how your rates bill see how the laws describe your home.

  • Ewald van den Heever - 2015-02-17 15:46

    Oops. Epic Fail, Again. I have family waiting for the sale of their land, for half it's value (after everything of commercial value was stolen and the property burnt to it's foundations, robbing them of their livelihood as well), Not being able to conclude the sale to the recipients of the redistribution policy because... They are waiting for payment to complete, month after month... If the current obligations cannot be met, how are the future obligations going to be met?

  • Ewald van den Heever - 2015-02-17 16:14

    O yes, nearly forgot, I believe a blanket statement was made to the "Foreigners would not be eligible" right? Surely we have people writing speeches capable of creating distinction on a critical point like this? Next up, successful farmers (the people producing the food for all the people that think it just magically appears on the shelves at Woolies or Shoprite) tend to have big farms, because they buy out the smaller farms. They also tend to be the people with processes that actually works i.t.o. planning, producing and delivering food to market. Maybe, it is however not a bad idea to give the 60 million people in South Africa a farm, I will even buy my own pigs, sheep, cattle and seed, and produce just enough for my immediate families consumption. Of Course, I will have to pay tax in the form of wool, produce and meat, but I am sure King Zuma will be able to trade it for Power, Airbusses, Petrol and Commercial Electronics.

  • Mbali Mahlobo - 2015-02-18 09:36

    I am yet to understand how the white people of this country think transformation and sharing of resources, economy will be achieved. Yes there is no denial that some of you have worked your butts off for the production of this land but so has been the black man, there have been your slaves, labourers while they were denied access to education, access to the markets as your so called fore-fathers. You sit there acting dumb founded that building a nation like ours which was divided in every kind of form will not happen over night, 20 years is nothing and lets not be blatant to the fact that some of you own that land illegaly, you robbed and cheated people in order to acquire that land and become supreme farmers as you are, hence you have a number of them labouring your fields. We are talking about 100 years of inequality, denialism of the majority into the economic opportunities, so stop throwing tantrums and thinking with your selfish tendencies but start assisting this country to move forward, be critical but be constructive as well.

      Markus Ippy - 2015-02-18 10:22

      What would your response be to a foreign national that bought a farm after 1994 ? Fair and square under the new constitution which enshrines property rights ? The problem is that a lot of owners of these farms today are not the ones that took the land in the first place ( except the ones that have family owned land for a century or two ) . It's committing a similar injustice over again . And by the way less than 3% of all land owned ( including property ) belongs to foreigners . This is just another way to play with the fear of the population and to owe the voters the ANC has lost to the EFF ...

      Rory Blake Taylor - 2015-02-19 12:12

      Mbali , nice attempt at being oh so democratic , me thinks you are the one throwing tantrums, So ... be critical but be constructive. The Billions " all South Africans" pay in taxes are there for transformation not ministers back pockets. Vuka sisies manje !!

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