Renewable energy a boon for job creation

Renewable energy a boon for job creation

2014-04-11 16:19

Pretoria - Independent renewable power producers (IPPs) have created around 14 000 jobs over the past three years, Energy Minister Ben Martins said on Friday.

"One of the imperatives of government is to ensure that all departments assist in job creation. Through the independent power producers programme, more than 14 000 have been created."

Martins was speaking in Pretoria following a summit with 61 IPPs.

"At the meeting, we acknowledged and expressed appreciation of the fact that to date more than R100bn has been invested into this particular sector," he said.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Development Bank of Southern Africa, Eskom, and the Public Investment Corporation.

Diplomats representing Denmark, Spain, Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom were also present.

The conference discussed independent power procurement since the first window of the project in 2012.

The IPPs are spread across South Africa and use renewable technologies such as wind, solar, biomass and hydro energy to produce electricity.

The first contracts between government and the IPPs, aimed at adding 1 400 megawatts to the national grid, were signed in Pretoria in November 2012 by then energy minister Dipuo Peters.

At the time, energy department director general Nelisiwe Magubane said the power procurement plan was evidence of government's dedication to clean, renewable energy.

  • Pierre Potgieter - 2014-04-11 16:27

    This is good.

  • Dred Rovers - 2014-04-11 16:29

    Trouble is these alternative energy schemes are only viable if subsidized so in effect these jobs are paid for by the taxpayer!

      Pierre Potgieter - 2014-04-11 16:41

      I would rather have my tax money go into renewable resources, than to Eskom or fracking.

      Andrew Wallis - 2014-04-12 10:00

      do more homework most of these projects have a year after getting s preffered bidding status to raise the capital required for complete project in the case of a wind farm that equates to 2 billion rand per 140mw,this is private investment!

  • Jacques Coetzer - 2014-04-11 17:34

    Close to our small Karoo Town, a project started last year, employed 200 local unskilled labour and decent salaries. End of the year, the plant will be finished and for the next twenty five years, only about 20 local labour will be needed, for cleaning and landscaping. Those other 180 have now skills, but nowhere to be gainfully employed.

      Pierre Potgieter - 2014-04-11 18:05

      What was the project ? And are you saying that the project should rather not have been started ?

  • crispen.andrea - 2014-04-11 19:58

    Boon :)

  • David Robert Lewis - 2014-04-12 01:39

    A short while ago, people were calling renewable energy freaks, mad and insane. I'm glad I am on record in 1990 advocating a paradigm that has only now caught on and even then the right-wing conservatives are calling this kind of thing, insane.

  • Nico Hough - 2014-04-12 03:09

    Why can't the private person contribute electricity to the grid? Solar is clean energy. Is the reason that ESKOM want to stay the sole provider of power and they not willing to "pay" for power that is dumped on the grid? This will help to finance the cost of solar for the public person.

      Mike Henry - 2014-04-12 08:33

      Have no Fear its coming. Right Now In Cape Town we have 2 or 3 households doing a test run for the council.. its not quite as simple as it seems There no international protocols and CT has to develop their own, but its coming.

  • Bulelwa Poni - 2014-04-12 06:54

    and all done by the private sector ... with the C A P I T A L of investors! W O W

  • Andrew Wallis - 2014-04-12 10:05

    The way forward and with the coming "smart"grid where we can feed the grid with own generation will mean the end to "dirty" energy. Right now there are several farmers burning away excess power from hydro as not allowed to feed grid,downside is u will not be paid anything but will credit ur bill at end of month u lose all credits, still move forward.

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