No winners in truck pay fight - chamber

2012-10-02 16:09

Cape Town - A breakdown in pay talks between truck drivers and the road freight industry will only produce losers, the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry said on Tuesday.

"There will be no pay for workers while they are out on strike," chamber president Michael Bagraim said.

"Even if they get the increases they are demanding, the higher pay will not compensate for the loss of earnings."

He said transport companies would also be losing money while their trucks stood idle, minimising the chance they could afford to pay higher wages.

"It is a lose-lose situation... the losses will spread to other industries and their workers as the flow of goods slows down," Bagraim said.

"Factories have to close because they cannot ship out finished products or bring in new raw material supplies."

On Tuesday, striking truck drivers made their way to the transport and freight bargaining council in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, to deliver a memorandum of grievances.

The marchers, led by a large police contingent, brandished sticks and sang struggle songs.

The truckers' strike began a week ago.

Truck drivers are demanding a 12% salary increase while employers are offering 8.5% for next year, and another 0.5% the following year.

Bagraim appealed to employers and unions to sit down together and analyse the cost and effect of the strike on all parties.

"It is in everybody’s interest to make sure that the bargaining system works in an orderly manner."

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  • julius.hond - 2012-10-02 16:30

    haha hahaha how stupid are the 'majority' of south africans?

      palu.jon - 2012-10-02 16:40

      the majority of South Africans are actually way more intelligent than the minority!!!

      thabo.khumalo.9469 - 2012-10-02 17:25

      Ok one of the good days there will socialism in South Africa we will see what will happen to the rich and greedy minority

  • palu.jon - 2012-10-02 16:39

    So, Michael Bagraim, how much have they in fact lost? NOTHING!!! Simply because a company pays you for your time and skills!!! These people are not working, so their TIME is their compensation!!! I think that I should be leading the Chamber of Commerce!!

      Rabbler.Rouser - 2012-10-02 16:53

      Duh! maybe you should join the Dumb and Dumber set. Whilst they are strike they earn zero rands. Zilch! Zippo! Nuting! So they may have to borrow mula to put food on the table. When they finally get an increase it all goes back into repaying the loans. If they strike for along time then they will eventually be taking home less money because of the loans and massive interest being paid back to the loan sharks.

      dewaldmontgomery - 2012-10-02 17:15

      Yes, plus, the companies they work for will rise its prices. Plus, the companies their peers work for, will raise their prices if they go on strike too, so because everything becomes more expensive due to the higher payroll expenses, the actual increase the worker gets, is meaningless - in fact, they will also be paying higher taxes, and have to make up for the income already lost. So yes, they lose all the way. But we can't expect those pathetic unions to actually teach them these principles, because the union leaders get paid by these poor ignorant workers through monthly contributions. Abolish unions and the right to strike, and establish an independent labour tribunal, free of charge to workers, with criminal/civil liability to employers if they break the rules.

      heathway.master - 2012-10-02 22:28

      The Constitution allows for an orderly, non violent, unarmed, peaceful gatherings of strikers. The constitution also has a limiting of rights clause. Should any actions be detrimental or harmful to the citizens of this country, in line with the constitution, and if strikers resort to violence, stoning, setting alight of trucks, beating up their drivers and causing pandemonium on the countries roads, the right to mass assembly should be immediately withdrawn, and any further gathering of strikers deemed against the laws of the country. All violent strikers should then be arrested, charged with crimes against the state, fired from employment and get jail sentences. This should halt the level of anarchy sweeping across our country at present.

  • yvonne.c.martin.71 - 2012-10-02 16:55

    Unemployment to rise even higher! Lots of business will close their doors. Mines will do the same!! No win situation!!

  • yvonne.c.martin.71 - 2012-10-02 16:56

    It's the majority that are jobless!!! They are the ones to suffer even more.. Sad

  • lee.parker.39142072 - 2012-10-02 19:19

    These truck drivers should get in the trucks and smash the e tolls bridges down. Companies are soon going to have to pay e tolls and higher wages. Not right. Smashing them down will make a statement.

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