Ndebele: Toll hike won't fund repairs

2011-09-01 18:45

Johannesburg - Toll tariffs will not increase to make up for the cost of repairs to a section of the N1 highway, the transport department said on Thursday.

"Any defects on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project toll network will not result in an increase in toll tariffs... An investigation is underway in this case and the responsible party will be made to pay for the repairs," Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele said.

"We want to assure South Africans that government will not accept any sub-standard construction on any of our roads."

This followed reports of warping of the surface of the highway between the Beyers Naude and Malibongwe off-ramps.

Transport spokesperson Logan Maistry said the SA National Roads Agency Limited identified the warping in October last year.

"A task team of pavement and material experts have been attending to the matter. The contractual arrangements make provision for a defects liability period, and any defects of whatever nature that manifest are repaired by the contractor."

  • greyworld - 2011-09-01 19:24

    BIG FAT LIAR !!!

  • Daveza - 2011-09-01 19:28

    Why does Ndebele make it sound as though he's doing us a favour ?!

  • michael.e.bowery - 2011-09-01 19:29

    Unfortunately, there is so much corruption in this government it is difficult to believe anything it or its ministers tell you. The answer for ordinary people, black white or of any colour in between, who do not as Ndebele does, have everything subsidised, is dont get registration plates, and simply do not pay. Government is supposed to be our servant and provide an infrastructure including roads from our taxes. I should add here,that in many cases the roads that they want to impose tolls on were there before they took power as a government already paid for by we the taxpayer.

  • Ken J May - 2011-09-01 19:42

    We should'nt be paying any form of toll in the first place!

      lamha vukawe - 2011-09-02 09:23

      Totally agree! the original road infrastructure was build mostly without tolls. Tolls are just an easy way to enrich themselves.

  • Welleducated - 2011-09-02 07:04

    That section must have been the BEE section.

  • Tsafendas - 2011-09-02 08:45

    There is so many things that this Govt has to do most of them as a result of the apartheid Govt, the taxes we pay are surely not enough to cover all that is needed to take this country forward, these roads we are using need to be upgraded and maintained and it makes business sense for the users to pay for the usage in order to keep them in tip top condition however I do not agree with the number of toll gates one has to pay for in and around GP, I think they are just too much especial when you consider moving from JHB-PTA whether using R21 or N1 its just insane. I think more engagement should have been done with all stakeholders, be that as it may, those people in the Govt are also human and they do make mistakes( not referring to corruption) and this is one of them but we need to foot the bill for using these roads otherwise we shall have potholes like MP province which I am told this MP stands for More Potholes.Let's stop mourning and blaming everything even when its meant to benefit us ya Pay as you go guys or catch a taxi!

      Dangerboy - 2011-09-02 09:17

      The warping of the freeway has what exactly to do with the apartheid govertment? You need to catch up 10 years and build a bridge and get over it.

      lamha vukawe - 2011-09-02 09:22

      Funny thing is...that evil previous regime managed to build ALL the roads in this country without tolling us to death!!!!! Think of that, wow how did they manage with the small tax base they had (aka white people)-- Huh?? They werent so corrupt thats the plain answer!

      PEA - 2011-09-02 10:38

      Please stop blaming everything on apartheid.........retard

      cruise_fly - 2011-09-02 13:47

      This minister could not even manage a residence at a university in Natal, so how the hell can he manage the portfolio of minister of transport – Affirmative action at its best and we have to pay.

      Irish Mike - 2011-09-03 16:26

      Tsafendas, I have no problem to pay for what I use. I do however object to paying twice for the same thing. Every litre of petrol/diesel that is used has a percentage that goes to the road fund to maintain and build these roads. Where is that money? Think how many litres are used every year by all the vehicle owners. The more you travel on the roads the more you pay. Makes sense does it not?

  • KiIli - 2011-09-02 09:50

    This makes me sick!! We are already funding it. Each time the feul price goes up - The toll fees go up! Have you ever seen a decrease in toll fees when teh fuel price goes down????

  • Grump - 2011-09-02 10:40

    @Tsafeandas... and where, EXACTLY, should all this ADDITIONAL money actually come from?

  • Taurus 11 - 2011-09-02 13:30

    What most people have not taken into account is that all of the toll roads are now in private hands eg N3 Toll road Jhb to Dbn, SANRAL around Gauteng. They are charging us for a service therefore they fall under the Consumer Protection Act. If the roads are not in the condition that we the Consumer expect all of the time or we are not happy with anything that they do or don't do we can take them to the Consumer Commissioner Both Vodacom and Jhb Municipality have been taken and both face massive fines (minfine R1000000.00 or 10% of Company,s ANNUAL turnover whichever is the GREATER)per incident reported Just remember the advert that SANRAL had on the radio where they said that it would take a lot less time to get to and from work. If it takes the same time they have lied to you and you can therefore report them

  • cruise_fly - 2011-09-02 13:55

    Taxes = anc pocket money

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