Ndebele: E-tolling lesson learnt

2012-02-28 14:24

Cape Town - The government will in future proceed more carefully with the introduction of e-tolling, Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele said on Tuesday.

Public reaction to phase one of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) had taught it a "key lesson" when it came to procedure and public participation, he told reporters in Cape Town.

"One of the key lessons we've learnt... is that never again will we have a situation where a city or province takes a decision that has monumental national consequences, and is taken only by a city or a province.

"In future, we will consider very carefully, and discuss and accept the implications of any decision of that kind."

Although tolling on national roads was well understood, the GFIP was the first of its kind in an urban centre.

"It's the first of its kind, and we have learnt some quite serious lessons."

Ndebele said a "new dialogue" was needed on how to proceed with this type of tolling in future.

It was in this context that phase two of the GFIP had been halted until such a discussion had been held.

"Or Winelands (Toll Road Project) in Cape Town. We say whoa, lets discuss, and then we'll proceed."

In the future, the government needed to make itself clear.

"Meaning that the public participation and endorsement - everybody must know the implications of the demand," Ndebele said.

"I am sure we are going to proceed with... phase two, but it must have this element of everyone understanding the implications... as motorists and users of that road."


  • Sargon - 2012-02-28 14:28

    No you havnt learnt yet. Cosatu and NUM still need to teach you.

      Max - 2012-02-28 15:30

      So now we have to pay for your stupidity? Any person with half a brain cell could have told you that this is not feasible but no, the first two levels of tenders were already awarded to your cronies even before you went out on tender for the real work that had to be done. Now they want their money and we must must be seriously delusional if you think every one around you is as stupid as you are.

      Helmut - 2012-02-28 21:29

      S'bu may have difficulty putting things in perspective: Why does the National government want to pocket money from e-tooling in one province? Was that done on the advice of Mr. Maharaj, making sure that Manji, S'bu himself and other government vultures can bolster their bank accounts with ambush tax? Viva Kleptocracy - VIVA!

      Enhle - 2012-03-06 12:55

      Send this stu[pid man for Business Economic 101...Before you implement, check if you have the market/demand #STUPID

  • jacques.koorts - 2012-02-28 14:35

    "understanding the implications... as motorists and users of that road" And businesses, real estate values, etc idiot.

  • Nicholas - 2012-02-28 14:53

    Mr Ndebele you make it sound as if all the e-tolling problems are a thing of the past by saying "next time". You knew damn well that public participation would blow your money making racket out the water that is why you deliberately circumvented that. You think that because Sanral has already spent R30bn (of our money) on this mess that we have no choice but to accept it? There will be no next time, you've screwed up and you are going to have to deal with it now.

      Janice - 2012-02-28 19:30

      I have no problem with paying the tolls but not before the government can guarantee that it will not go into a bottomless pit like our taxes do. Therefore, no paying tolls before the end of corruption, tender fraud, the ministerial handbook, etc, etc.

  • Makhumuzi - 2012-02-28 14:57

    The Department of transport needs to use the monies collected through our vehicle taxing susten on the actual vehicle related projects. If they can find R300bn for Transnet, I'm confident they can find the balance of the R20gn required for the roads....unless this is the new funding model for the ever growing dependancy on "free" living

  • mark.p.vrdoljak - 2012-02-28 15:17

    Lol they learnt that we wont accept tolls so then just up the petrol levy!

  • lmapheto - 2012-02-28 15:56

    Lets be honest: what type of a --------- is this? we vote for them and all of a sadden we come second? They come to us with their OBLIGATIONS and convert them into PROMISES...imagine a parent promising a child that i will feed you tonight...should the child be happy...who's responsiblity is it? I am realy getting tired of being ignored by this ---------. I propose we close the highways and use motorcycles to avoid traffic R5b is given to someone to get our 30c...multiply 30c by 48mil just to get a picture...dont even go as far as killomitres are concerned...who is fooling...who? wait until the next electricity hikes...ponder this...poverty will thrive...poverty sees no colour or race...LETS DECLARE INDEPENDANCE AGAINST THIS----------AND APPOINT A NEW--------. SCRAP VOTING FOR GOOD...

  • Thomas - 2012-02-28 16:14

    Dear mr. Ndebele, I am the owner of a small business, the lessons I learn comes from my pocket, you should do the same. I really hope we as the public can stand together with Cosatu and show you that you shouldn't bully us like this. You are killing the goose that lay the golden egg, stop growth in the economy, instead of creating jobs you make it less by killing the small enterprises and normal daily workers who want to make a honest living. What is this impact going to have on the poor? Ever thought what your toll fees is going to do to the logistics of the big retail companies? who is going to pay for that? Oh yes the consumer. Please get out of your fancy office and car and go to the floor level, go and read what happened in the French revolution where people got fed up with what the king and rich people did. You are squeezing the last bit out of an economy that can't afford this. Help us to help you, and don't kill our small contributions that fill up the ocean at the end of the day.

  • Kraken - 2012-02-28 16:24


  • Ronald - 2012-02-28 16:27

    At the rate of R20 Billion plus interest per mistake, for how long will we be able to afford a mistake prone and corrupt government? Will the R300 Billion Nuclear Construction be another such mistake?

  • Ben - 2012-02-28 16:31

    Winelands, Cape. have no mandate for phase one. 'Learnt some serious lessons' This learning process might take a very long time.

  • George - 2012-02-28 16:45

    Mr Ndebele, there is no next time. The moral leadership of the people now belongs to Z. Vavi. You and yours have squandered the most important asset any legitimate government can have, the trust of its people for fair and proper governance.... You are the weakest link..goodbye

  • Alex - 2012-02-28 16:53

    Of course they learnt the wrong lesson.

  • George - 2012-02-28 17:34

    A new game for fellow South Africans. Its called Gauteng Gridlock Starting 7 March do the following. 1. Find 3 to 4 other consenting adults to play with you (this is an adults game!) 2. Agree to ride abreast starting at 120km/h on the tolled road. 3. Slow down to 100, then 80, then 60, then 40, then 20 then making sure you ride in parallel. Smile at your fellow players. 4. Come to a standstill. Unwrap your chicken mayo sandwich, egg mayo sandwich ar boerie roll and exit the car. 5. Proceed to eat the rolls and sandwiches for at least 5 minutes. 6. Look behind you. The other players should already be queuing up to play. 7. Move on now and give the next 4 players a chance to play. Have a nice day. 8. Next 4 players do the same. 9. Next 4 players do the same. 10. Next 4 players do the same. 11. Play until someone from the happy farm in Pretoria comes to announce that the toll was just a big joke..they really didn't mean it...honest Great social game. Guaranteed to meet like minded people. Make sure you leave the emergency lanes open for the hard working ministers rushing to get to the next meeting! Enjoy the game!

  • Sharon - 2012-02-28 17:44

    I think using motorcycles is a good idea since none of them have number plates and are condoned by the police- we will get away with not paying since they will not be able to trace us.

  • Raymond - 2012-02-28 17:58

    Me thinks we are heading into a financial turbulence of devastating proportions. This country is spending huge amounts of money without any consideration to budgeted costs combined to incoming revenue. We are on the road to bankruptcy in double quick time. The cogs will grind to a halt and who will bail us out - definitely not Greece!

  • margaret.mead1 - 2012-02-29 09:57

    So they have learnt the hard way. I think it should have been harder. Well done to those who ensured that it wasn't a push-over. Personally, I don't trust the government not to make the same mistake again, but I pray for more wisdom in the future. I think there are more hard lessons ahead. Talk about bungling - this was (and is) a MAJOR bungle.

  • Ndabenhle - 2012-03-06 10:32

    you had to implement before seeing that it was going to be disasterious!! really, incompetence comes in many forms

  • Nkosana - 2012-03-11 11:26

    The bullyboy tactics of govt. are despicable, we don't need e-tolling shelved, we want it scrapped.

  • Thomas - 2012-03-20 09:38

    E tlling must be scraped for good. We cant be forced to use our money where we d not benefit. We vote the gorvement to work for us not us working for them. No etoll......

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