Nazir Alli: Roads a national asset

Nazir Alli: Roads a national asset

2014-11-06 14:34

Pretoria - South Africa's national roads network is a national asset, Sanral CEO Nazir Alli said on Thursday.

"To just put it into context of what is happening, we have 750 000km of roads network," Alli said in Pretoria.

"What a lot of people don't always understand is that it's the 10th largest in the world, which is controlled by the three spheres of government.

"You need to take into account what the value of that particular asset is to South Africa Incorporated."

He was addressing the e-tolls review panel appointed by Gauteng premier David Makhura in July to examine the economic and social impact of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) and the e-tolling system to fund it.

An example of how Sanral went about maintaining that asset was through the three current concession routes it operated.

These were the N4 east Maputo Development Corridor (471km of road), N3 Cedara Heidelburg (429km), and N4 west Platinum highway (382km).

"Now the last three years, R9bn has been invested in the upkeep, of preserving that particular asset of our South Africa Incorporated," he said.

"That concession still belongs to South Africa Incorporated. It does not belong to the concessionaire."

At the end of the concession period, which lasted a number of years, the concessionaire was required to return the road in good condition with no charge to the state.

"So we've actually increased the value of the state by using an alternative method of funding," Alli said.

The panel was expected to present its findings to Makhura at the end of the month.

  • AndyOG - 2014-11-06 14:42

    Which means you arrogant twerp that belongs to the people. Not the government, not Zuma or you.

      John Dough - 2014-11-06 15:01

      It is easy to spot when he lies, his lips move. Nazi Alli can

      Made-inthe South - 2014-11-06 15:08

      What about the two new roads built to Nkandla in the last 5 years.NOT TOLLED.The cost there was more than R500 Million.How was that financed?

      Glyn Hill - 2014-11-06 15:23

      Nazir Alli Bah Bah and the forty thieves.

      Hugo Monterro - 2014-11-06 16:07

      Nazi Ralli - Nuremburg Trials will follow.......

      Imagine Sense - 2014-11-06 19:45

      You guys are barking up the wrong tree. SANRAL is not the problem, they do a good job under difficult circumstances. Their problem is that GOVERNMENT is not providing them with the funds to do their job properly. Government uses our tax money on social grants, instead of on building and maintaining infrastructure. Then GOVERNMENT wants to force us to pay AGAIN by way of things like toll roads, school funds, private security, etc. It's no use blaming SANRAL for the failures of the ANC government. The same goes for Escom: The ANC was warned in the middle 90's that more power stations must be built. No, they went and spent money on their supporters, building them houses and giving them child allowances. Now Escom has to provide electricity without enough power stations. Whose fault it that? Again the ANC goverment is to blame.

      heathwaymasters - 2014-11-06 20:48

      As Ali is addressing the e-toll panel, most of what he is saying is completely irrelevant.With regards to e-tolls, Sanral has already lost R3 billion rand in non payments of e-toll fees. 30% of motorists have paid e-tolls. Sanral said at least 85% payment was required to make e-tolling viable. Of the 30% paying, probably 20% are State and Municipal vehicles. This only increases the cost of funding the State, and contributes nothing else to the economy. The remaining 10% are company vehicles who simply add the extra cost on to the price of services or goods they offer. Instead of this e-toll abortion, it has been calculated that the fuel levy needs to be increased by only 15c. This will give 100% recovery at no extra administrative cost what so ever. Nazir Ali has just stated, besides the fact that his economic model is completely unworkable, is that the SA motorist must accept that e-tolling is here to stay.!!!!!!!!

  • Made-inthe South - 2014-11-06 14:45

    Initially Scamrail said e-tolls was to pay for the Gauteng Improvement Project.Yet they wanted to implement the troll system countrywide.They would have already in Cape Town,had the DA not stop them with a court order.

  • Made-inthe South - 2014-11-06 14:47

    Mr Nazi Aliar.Where is the existing fuel levy of R2,25 for every litre of fuel sold in SA going?And no,no lies this time.

      Imagine Sense - 2014-11-06 19:46

      Sanral never sees that money. If they did, like they SHOULD, no tolling would be necessary. But the ANC steals that money. You are blaming the victim.

  • Thabz Madi - 2014-11-06 14:51

    So if the roads are "national assets", then recover fron the R2.25 national fuel levy what is due for road maintenance or add that extra 10-15 cents for E-tolls and all, Stop punishing just one province for routes that benefit all!!!

      Made-inthe South - 2014-11-06 15:13

      Remember it is a indefinite system,It is forever and forever.So it works like this. Step1-Kapsch pay the bribes for the right to milk us forever Step2-Kapsch take profits out of the country as long as ZANC is in power.They made one mistake,they thought the people of Gauteng are sheep and milk cows

  • Marc Anthony Webb - 2014-11-06 14:54

    100% Nazi Ali they used to be until you and your corrupt cronies decided you would rather outsource things to foreign owned companies and expecting already cash strapped road users to subsidize things...Even the suggestion to increase the fuel levy for the funding of SCAMRAL is not acceptable ,there already is money in each liter to cover this...You bunch of thieving crooks are reaching the end of the highway we simply cannot carry on this way....

      Made-inthe South - 2014-11-06 15:18

      E-trolls,arms deal and the coming R1 Trillion Russian nuclear deal have something in common.It is how ZANC is making money out of us.Politicians take their cut and 10% goes to ZANC as a party.The only way to stop it,is to not pay for

  • Made-inthe South - 2014-11-06 15:12

    E-trolls are dead.RIP E-trolls.ETC[Toll Collections] has laid off its staff.There is now nobody working on collections and from now on e-trolls payments are completely voluntary. Those that still fund the corrupt ZANC pocket lining troll system ,ZANC thank you. I bet you guys still paying feel like milk cows every time you pass under those gantries

  • Graham Johnson - 2014-11-06 15:15

    Always trying to cloud the real issue! It has beem proved how expensive it is to collect the e-toll funds. The only people defending the system are those that stand to benefit financialy from it. Will someone from the ANC have the guts to stand up & explain where the billions are that have disspeared under this corrupt bunch of self serving ANC leaches?

  • Mike 881 - 2014-11-06 15:16

    Nazi Alli must rather just become one of zuma's wives. The whole lying, self entitlement clan belong together. The bulk of SA, except for the clowns, is sick and tired of the garbage that comes out of your mouth!

  • Roger McFall - 2014-11-06 15:32

    And what you don't seem to understand Mr Vavi is that we also the 10th highest tax payers in the world. Our highways are already tolled, we pay a fuel levy,VAT, licence fee and an emissions tax on top of that. And your story of increasing the value of the state has no relevance to a person who pays tax but lives in fear because of a toothless police force, has a crumbling electricity supplier, has no effective public transport system etc cry me a river Mr Vavi, you still won't get a cent out of me.

  • Emone Nomore - 2014-11-06 15:34

    "National asset" - from my understanding then, it belongs to the people. Payed for by the people, for the people. Both SANRAL and the ANC want to own South Africa. The people must have the final say, not the ANC, not SANRAL!!!!!!

  • Emone Nomore - 2014-11-06 15:36

    Out of interest, when was SANRAL formed, and who formed this body? Something is starting to sound fishy here.

  • sxp - 2014-11-06 15:38

    The roads belongs to us the citizens and under common law we can use it for free, as long as we do not use it to trade. Now, you Ali, you think you can own it, or even the state can own it...that is a lie and an attempt at theft and this time we will call your bluff. My advise: resign and get lost from the public eye.

  • Erwin de Ruiter - 2014-11-06 15:41

    Sanral has a history of being clouded in secrecy. Always scheming new ways to rob us. Nothing heard about the price fixing of gfip? Where's our money? (licence disks, tyre tax etc)

  • arthur.salvado - 2014-11-06 15:42

    E-toll is certainly DEAD. There's another looming problem. That problem is that the public is fully entitled to know where the BILLIONS paid in fuel Levys are before paying additional levies . Not only whete they are, the public wants the government to PAY THE MONEY BACK. I think that's the next fight the government is going to have to address. You have been warned

  • Richard Frederick Jarvis - 2014-11-06 15:52

    Nazi Alli my friend how naive and stupid you are. The people have spoken, we don't want it yet you try force us to pay. Go Scr*w yourself

  • Monty Olivier - 2014-11-06 16:19

    So what does that have to do with etolls in gauteng Nazi Aliar? I swear these guys at SANRAL are the most incompetent bunch yet... Mmmm, hold on, Zuma, ANC and Eskom can not be left out of this very "distinguished" group of IDIOTS!!!!!

  • Ruth Logie - 2014-11-06 16:40

    If "user pays", put a gantry on the road to Nkandla. If "user pays", rip up every road that isn't a toll road. That will save on the road maintenance bill! If "user pays", toll the taxis. Taxi passengers are using the roads just like private motorists. Alternatively, you could raise road maintenance funds equitably by the fuel levy. The more a motorist uses the road, the more they pay. The fuel levy used to do a pretty good job of keeping thousands of kilometers of roads intact. Then it was redirected into the tax coffers, where it became fair game for every passing politician. The roads crumbled into ruins. Now Sanral wants an unbelievable amount of money, many times more than the fuel levy is worth, to maintain the same quantity of roads. Dippy Peters can't tell the difference between insurance and investment, she mixes up the words. The players have conspired to tax us blind for their own self enrichment via Austria. It's not unacceptable, it's unbearable. Remember the Boston Tea Party anyone?

  • Zahir - 2014-11-06 17:40

    Sanral and the anc crooks are a national liability

  • catcha.wakeup - 2014-11-06 18:54

    What yo did not tell us is how much has been stolen and what could have been done with effective management, proper controls and zero corruption from the ANC. That would be a good story.

  • Alan Kenny - 2014-11-06 18:55

    I will never pay e-tolls to this bunch of thieves

  • arthur.salvado - 2014-11-07 08:54

    Indeed so it belongs to the people and not to politicians. Good on you Ali. Love these national assets.

  • Johnson Marx - 2014-11-08 17:47

    large chunk of money and profit gets repatriated to austria tax free

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