NDP trumps govt plans - Chabane

2012-09-07 12:46

Cape Town - The National Development Plan (NDP) will have an overriding effect on the strategies of the government, Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation Minister Collins Chabane said on Friday.

The government's intention is to heed the recommendations by the National Planning Commission (NPC), he said.

Chabane was briefing reporters on this week's cabinet lekgotla, which endorsed the objectives of the NDP.

"The lekgotla also acknowledged the NDP as a strategic framework to form the basis of future government detailed planning."

Chabane said an implementation plan for the NDP was presented to cabinet this week.

"(In) the process of implementation, obviously every stakeholder has to look at their portion of work and align that work to the work of the commission," Chabane said.

Asked about the disparities between the NDP and the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) on energy - which included nuclear as part of the energy mix - he said government plans would have to be readjusted and aligned with the NPC's recommendations.

"If there are inconsistencies, the national plan (NDP) will have an overriding effect. It's a matter which has been accepted. We don't think there'll be any problems in the short term, or any problems in the long term in that regard."

Chabane said the NDP was a broad framework which should be binding on government to put into practice.

"It's a plan that gives you 30 years. It's going to be revised from time to time, adjusted to align it with new things which are going to happen," he said.

"Any policy impacted upon by the plan, would have been known to the drafters of the plan."

Chabane said a series of discussions needed to take place on what implications the NDP's proposals would have on current government programmes.

"We're supposed to implement so there's no disjuncture on where we think we are going. That should include nuclear, and our discussion on nuclear energy."

The NDP has warned against the nuclear option because of its high costs.

A government-led process to secure stakeholder participation in "mobilising national ownership" (of the plan) would be initiated.

A cabinet committee would be set up to develop targets and integrated implementation plans with the Forum for SA Directors General (Fosad).

The NPC would assess implementation and refine the plan, Chabane said.

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  • justin.frittelli - 2012-09-07 13:00

    Hope those that share Collins views are still around post December, this is a great plan, we just need commitment to implement and then actual implementation for the first time in 18years!

  • FUNKMASTERFLEX.AKA.BAIN - 2012-09-07 13:30

    then they need to get rid of the secrecy bill as the ndp talk about getting rid of corruption.The secrecy bill aids corruptiion

  • cilliers.vanniekerk.1 - 2012-09-07 13:30

    Cool! There's hope yet!

  • lorna.sisusa - 2012-09-07 15:57

    NDP is just a waste of Tax Payers money and time, South African executive changes each and eveytime President tend to reshuffle or deploy most ministers.. I'm just so surprised he hasn't done that to Trevor.. 2030 is too far to expect its goals.. State policies are formulated by legislature almost everyday and they expect the Bureaucrats to implemented them.. THAT WILL NEVER WORK because there's lack of accountability and concurrency.. All what is needed is CONSTITUTIONAL REVIEW..

      wwrer.ww - 2012-09-08 12:19

      It is just a plan for the next 30 years. How many people are going to need health care? What will our population be in 30 years? What is their pension plans? How many hospital beds will we need? How many cars will we have? Will our roads be able to handle the amount of traffic? Will we need to enlarge our port capacity to handle cargo? How many technicons and universities will we need? etc. A long term plan about what we will need in 30 years. Everyone has to draw up plans for the next 30 years... Most people don't think about the next 30 years, about what income they will get at their retirement, will they have enough savings, will they have enough money for the education of their kids, but we actually need to.

  • Ol Mabaso - 2013-10-24 16:57

    Do they plan Any Public Referendum for nearest 30 years?

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