KZN firm says it complied with R52m tender terms

KZN firm says it complied with R52m tender terms

2015-01-29 20:05

Durban - The company that leased a mobile hospital unit to the KwaZulu-Natal health department for R52.5m said on Thursday that it had complied with all the requirements of the tender.

In a brief statement Dr Nandi Sakhile Msimang, the chief executive of the company, said: "Mzansi Lifecare registered an application to supply mobile medical units, and after complying with legal tender requirements was transparently awarded the tender contract in 2013 to supply one mobile truck with specific health care equipment in terms of a KwaZulu-Natal department of health tender."

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She said the company had delivered [the vehicle] "in accordance with all the tender requirements".

Mzansi's statement follows an investigation by Sapa and published on Tuesday which revealed that the department would spend about R61m on two vehicles, one of which was a mobile hospital vehicle leased from Mzansi Lifecare for R52.5m over three years.

Msimang also apologised for a threatening phone call that Sapa journalist Giordano Stolley received within four hours of sending questions to the company querying the tender.

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A man who identified himself as Patrick King told Stolley that: "I'm saying to you that if I found out that you write the wrong things about us, then I will deal with you personally".

Msimang said on Thursday she "unconditionally apologises for Mr Patrick King's outburst" and that it was an "emotional reaction" that she had not authorised.

  • Braam Compion - 2015-01-29 20:41

    Ja ja only getting paper sortwd now........seen that happen before

  • Made Inthe South - 2015-01-29 20:59

    I wonder which ZANC cadres are the shareholders here,i bet there is a Zuma in the mix.It is another Gaston Savoi "Amigos" case,where the KZN health department paid exorbitant prices for water purification equipment and where Gaston Savoi paid huge bribes to the ZANC

  • Nico Louw - 2015-01-29 21:00

    Defy "comply" as in European standards , sir.

  • Zanele Nkosi299 - 2015-01-29 21:00

    The figures are shocking!

  • nelio - 2015-01-29 21:15

    R52m to rent a Combi with a medical first aid box for 3 years? Unbelievable!?

  • Bangane Sabelo - 2015-01-29 21:15

    This ANC gravy train is disgusting! Everytime; tender fraud! At last its our money they steal. The law and the government is too soft and slow on putting this incompetent individuals to jail for good. I'm pissed off, billIons of rands lost over corruption, while we suffer. Enriching Zuma is enough now. I believe Malema when he says; "Strong opposition parties are needed in parliament to stop ANC from doing like it pleases them with our money."

  • Erns Kleynhans - 2015-01-29 22:09

    A fully equipped ambulance is about $130 000 to $250 000. How on earth can one mobile unit be more than &2.5 million????? (exchange rate of R11.55). Mzansi Health Care was registered somewhere in 2012, with their website copyrighted in 2013. Go and read the website... full of language and spelling errors. When one scroll down, some text of the cheap template was not even edited. Eish Mzansi.

  • Chris Bothma - 2015-01-29 22:47

    LOL, "it was an emotional reaction that she had not authorized". I would hope you don't authorize emotional reactions. You got to love this country!

  • Lawrence Robert Atkinson - 2015-01-29 23:58

    As did Zuma with his fire pool? Now I'm looking at installing a pool, and in finding it super difficult to spend more than R500,000; with all the bells and whistles. His cost 20 times that, and complied with the tender regulations too.

  • Pack Age - 2015-01-30 10:21

    SAR and SIU investigate this company.....Skullduggery behind closed doors here! I believe this company was registered a mere month or two before it placed it's bid for the tender! Stinks of evil doings!

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