Money and power

2012-02-02 07:44

US presidential campaigns and political action committees, or PACs, filed financial reports on Tuesday that showed how much they had raised and spent as of December 31.

The filings to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) also offered a snapshot of who donated how much to the “Super PACs,” which operate independently from campaigns and can raise unlimited amounts from individuals, corporations and unions.

Here are highlights from the FEC filings.



Raised: $96.9m

Received from the fund feeding both the campaign and the Democratic Party: $32.9m

Spent: $105.9m

Cash on hand: $81.8m

Debt: $3m

MITT ROMNEY (Republican)

Raised: $56.8m

Spent: $36.6m

Cash on hand: $19.9m


NEWT GINGRICH (Republican)

Raised: $12.7m

Spent: $10.7m

Cash on hand: $2.1m

Debt: $1.2m


RON PAUL (Republican)

Raised: $25.5m

Spent: $24.1m

Cash on hand: $1.9m


RICK SANTORUM (Republican)

Raised: $2.2m

Spent: $1.9m

Cash on hand: $278 934

Debt: $204 836


RICK PERRY (Republican; ended campaign on January 19)

Raised: $19.8m

Spent: $16m

Cash on hand: $3.8m

Debt: $93 745


JON HUNTSMAN (Republican; ended campaign on January 16)

Raised: $3.3m

Spent: $5.4m

Cash on hand: $110 965

Debt: $3.8m



PRIORITIES USA PAC, the Super PAC supporting Obama

Raised $4.2m

Spent $2.9m

Cash on hand $1.5m

The Super PAC received a $1m donation from the PAC arm of the Service Employees International Union and another $215,234 from its non-profit sister organisation Priorities USA.

The PAC’s biggest donors include Hollywood producer Steven Spielberg, investor John Law and William Little Jr., chairman of consumer product trade show firm George Little Management.


RESTORE OUR FUTURE, the Super PAC supporting Romney

Raised $30.2m

Spent $6.5m

Cash on hand $23.6m

Heavily funded by the investment community, the Super PAC received $1m contributions from six donors including Robert Mercer, a Long Island hedge fund manager; hedge fund manager Paul Singer, who helped fund a campaign to legalise gay marriage in New York; and Oxbow Corp’s Bill Koch. The PAC also received a $500 000 contribution from a long-time Perry supporter, Houston builder Bob Perry.


WINNING OUR FUTURE, the Super PAC supporting Gingrich

Raised $2.1m*

Spent $910 668

Cash on hand $1.2m

Prominent donors to the Super PAC include Texas billionaire Harold Simmons, the CEO of Contran Corp., who gave $500 000 to the pro-Gingrich Super PAC and is also supporter of Rick Perry.

*Since the cutoff date of the filing, the PAC has received $10m in donations from billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam.


RED WHITE AND BLUE FUND, the Super PAC supporting Santorum

Raised $729 935

Spent $651 820

Cash on hand $78 114

The PAC largely ran on a $331 000 donation by Foster Friess, a Wyoming billionaire, and a $250 000 contribution from philanthropist and retired surgeon John Templeton.


ENDORSE LIBERTY, a Super PAC supporting Ron Paul

Raised: $1m*

Spent: $392 225

Cash on hard: $1m

Donors include PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel and Luke Nosek, and Scott Banister, an early adviser and board member. Thiel is a billionaire venture capitalist and the first outside investor in Facebook.

*Endorse Liberty said Tuesday it has raised $3.9m in total, accounting for donations filed in 2012.


MAKE US GREAT AGAIN, the Super PAC supporting Perry

Raised: $5.5m

Spent: $1.1m

Cash on hand: $604 472

Contran Corp, whose CEO Simmons is one of Perry’s biggest supporters, donated $1m to this Super PAC.

Chesapeake Energy Corp’s political donations arm and the corporation itself in total contributed $250 000 to the PAC.

Other top donors include Houston builder Bob Perry; billionaire Darwin Deason, who sold his computer services company to Xerox ; Western Refining Chairman Paul Foster; Sanderson Farms Inc. Chairman Joe Sanderson Jr.; and Robert McNair, the owner of Houston Texans National Football League team.


OUR DESTINY, the Super PAC supporting Huntsman

Raised: $2.7m

Spent: $2.6m

Cash on hand: $126 586

The candidate's father, Jon Huntsman Sr., a billionaire industrialist, donated $1.9m to the PAC. Other big donors included billionaires Jim and Christy Walton, son and daughter-in-law of Walmart founder Sam Walton; C. Boyden Gray, former US diplomat under President George W. Bush; and businessman and former US Ambassador Nicholas Taubman.