Mantashe: Farmers need funding to survive

Mantashe: Farmers need funding to survive

2014-08-13 10:38

Johannesburg - If there is no funding and support programmes for farmers they will not succeed, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Wednesday.

"If we are to succeed, farmers must have access to funding and markets. If they don't have that, you won't succeed," he said at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Johannesburg.

"You can give land to as many farmers as you want but if you don't have support programmes it will fail."

Mantashe was speaking about food security and land reform.

He urged commercial farmers to help groom emerging farmers and help them regain the skills needed for farming, which they had lost during apartheid.

"We have a responsibility to make people with no homes realise there is a future in South Africa," he said.

"Black South Africans were dispossessed of land. The dispossession resulted in them [being driven] out of their land but it also deskilled them."

He said people lost their skills because they had not farmed for so long and had lost their relationship with the land.

"Commercial farmers must help reproduce the skill," said Mantashe.

  • BLUESILVER2012 - 2014-08-13 10:44

    Goodluck, as the ANC is land grabbing GENERATIONS later and trying to FORCE farmers to "educate black farmers will lead to nothing. AGRISA has stated from when the first land redistribution process was done in the 90's, to assist ALL black farmers, YOU the ANC refused as it's a black initiative and you do not want White Afrikaners assisting NOW you turn the table and make it yet again, a "white mans problem".

      Genet Joobs - 2014-08-13 11:26

      You are absolutely correct. The previous govt. had all the very good support programmes for farmers. But the new govt got rid of all of them and their knowledge. Farmers have and always will assist any new farmer. But, with the way farmers are being treated and threatened by the govt., and with the crime situation totally out of control, in particular against farmers, I suggest Gwede and his govt. clean up their act, before they start demanding. Karma is a B*%#ch. It turns round to bite you.

      Kenny Williams - 2014-08-13 11:39

      Gwede, say what you mean. "Government must give funding to BLACK FARMERS"

  • jeremy thorpe - 2014-08-13 10:48

    I agree that emerging farmers need support - but it's Mantashe's job and that of the government to provide that support. And to suggest that black farmers were "deskilled" during apartheid is rubbish. They were never skilled in the first place - and even if they were, they've had 20 years since the demise of apartheid to regain those skills. Just about every technical college in the country offers a variety of farm management courses - so get busy and get trained - and the banks might take you seriously!

      Chris Stuart - 2014-08-13 13:26

      strange that you can get 102 likes and 166 dislikes, but not one reply... As Hugo said on top, rigging?

      jeremy thorpe - 2014-08-13 13:31

      Hi Chris, I noriced that too, Initially there were 37 likes and not a single dislike on my post...then suddenly a whole lot of dislikes started appearing on mine and a few others.... Oh well, it's irrelevant. What's important is what's being said, not whether people like it or not!

      Hugo Monterro - 2014-08-13 21:33

      Come to think of it, in Africa that's how they vote ?

  • Richard Young - 2014-08-13 10:50

    Farming is not something easy. Only do the job if you are competent enough to run a farm without the state bailing you out

      Justin Pretorius - 2014-08-13 15:47

      Judging by the 'thumbs down' again on this forum it appears some bot has been used.

  • Makhokolotso Mk Nkeane - 2014-08-13 10:59

    Don't discriminate, fund all farmers black and white*** but maybe u shud start protecting them 1st, our farmers aren't safe @ all.

      Akhenaten C.T. - 2014-08-13 13:25

      Don't worry about your dislikes. That was done by the racist fool at News 24, maybe under orders from his racist boss.

  • Wonder Mthonti - 2014-08-13 11:06

    Stop land grabbing, then farmers will survive!

  • Havalarf Allday - 2014-08-13 11:31

    What, we teach them how to farm and they steal the land from us under the so called "land grab". Na uh. I don't think so. Experienced farmers will teach them and as soon as the backs are turned it will be barren land again. Not a chance.

      Havalarf Allday - 2014-08-13 12:40

      @ all thumbs downs. o e e the truth hurts doesn't it. See all the thumbs down that we are all getting. Someone doesn't like us telling the truth. Sies on you thumbs downers, bet you want everything for nothing. Go and stuff yourselves. Let your existence be a mere one with no food etc. You can't get it right on your own so why the hell should we help you. You little.............. enuff now.

      Hugo Monterro - 2014-08-13 13:06

      the dislikes aren't real they're rigged!!!

      Havalarf Allday - 2014-08-13 13:25

      @ Hugo I know that, just an excuse for me to vent. I have seen this quite a lot. I am just having a bit of stupid fun:)

      Akhenaten C.T. - 2014-08-13 13:27

      These are not normal dislikes but was done by some fool at News 24.

  • Andrew Mackie - 2014-08-13 11:41

    Strange how these ANC people blame big business and commercial farming enterprises for stealing the land and monopolising business. Then call on these people to help out, not only with farming but also with housing.

      Andrew Mackie - 2014-08-13 13:09

      Just goes to show how all the nay sayers to my comment have been indoctrinated!!! All 174 and no doubt more will now appear.

      Akhenaten C.T. - 2014-08-13 13:28

      No, this was done by the same fool at News 24 who always does it. We should maybe comment on IOL news.

  • Utopian Indigent - 2014-08-13 11:45

    EFF under impression that farming = "tilling of land" like 300 years ago! Land is a burden and a responsibility in a country with 60million mouths to feed. It is not what it was centuries ago at all. Most successful farmers of today, took more than a generation to get there, and started out without capital. Government and those above who insist on capital given without merit, are just looking for a free buck. Start working for, and earning your money!

  • Zilindile Gagule - 2014-08-13 11:45

    Awu is Gwede Mantashe appointed as minister of landaffairs and Agriculturenow?Come on Mantashe we are waiting for you to tell us about the new twist in SIU's Nkandla report as we heard that SIU now are currently claiming R155,8m to Mr Minenhle Mkhanya,can you please clarirify this SIU action before Citizens get engaged in boycot of your ruling party's government.We don,t want to see SA ungovernable please.

      Zilindile Gagule - 2014-08-13 12:33

      Seriously This ANC government is driving the Nation to where they don,t want to be.I wonder how much Jacob Zuma spend to pay sangomas to make him untouchable but one day is one day when God will just expose him to the whole world.

  • Todays Realist - 2014-08-13 11:49

    What this RACIST ANC CLOWN really means is it wants the WHITE FARMERS to help the BLACK FARMER steal their land.

      Chris Stuart - 2014-08-13 13:27

      100% correct!

  • Justin Pretorius - 2014-08-13 12:14

    You mean Thandi Modise will become a better farmer too?

  • saartjie.dutoit - 2014-08-13 12:30

    Deskilled of what skills? Commercial farming skills?....

  • Kratervark Karools - 2014-08-13 12:38

    May be that if the ANC gives us a reason to trust & respect them we might be interested... All I see is farmers being murdered, politicians singing "kill the Boer, kill the farmer" and people threatening us with land grabs! Not the best way to go about asking for help! Having said that, we are too busy fighting for our own survival to still have time for this. Government will have to make some BIG changes if they want our help.

  • Kratervark Karools - 2014-08-13 12:38

    By the way, the blacks of old were cattle herders, not farmers. There is a huge difference!

  • Victor Cover Mkhaliphi - 2014-08-13 12:53

    Well, this is an encouraging comment coming from a person that is clearly very influential in policy direction of this government and its implementation.

  • Joe Black - 2014-08-13 12:57

    I don't know anymore. People said it was not going to be all moonshine and roses, but still the process is being done in such a way that it is not working. In an ideal world the free advice would have been listened to and changes made to the program to make it more robust. I'm all for fair land re-distribution, but these clowns must stop doing it for political brownie points and start doing it right. Even if it is slow going - They should make changes the right way in a sustainable way or just admit that they were not just born with all the right answers. Why the hell is criticism from experienced people never listened to by these people?

      Kratervark Karools - 2014-08-13 13:10

      Hey Joe, the point being FAIR land re-distribution based on the willing buyer/willing seller principle.

      Joe Black - 2014-08-13 17:16

      @Kratervark: That is part of the point. And I agree an important part. It is not the only consideration though. The process must work from start to end. Skills need to be built up in time. Productivity must be maintained. Some just focus on the possible losses of current land owners. Some just focus on their wishes for land. Some just focuses on proper skills development. What I am trying to say is a good solution has to tick all the boxes. That is the challenge. You don't want situations like this where reform occurs, but then productivity is down and nobody benefits not even the land beneficiaries.

  • Hugo Monterro - 2014-08-13 13:05

    FIN24 EDITOR - who's rigging the votes here??? Can you please explain where the 234 dislikes suddenly appeared from???

      Justin Pretorius - 2014-08-13 15:49

      Might be a bot or something used to screw up the figures

  • Chris Stuart - 2014-08-13 13:24

    I took my domestic worker back to her home the one day. She was staying in a shack and had a lot of free land right behind her shack. I saw some people working in the fields and asked her why she doesn't do the same or let 1 of her many sons (unemployed) do it. Her answer? Oh no, she is a Zulu and they don't tend to the fields. However she was always more than happy to take veggies from my very small garden which I planted as a hoppy. I currently have a farm (with a blerry huge bond) and are very slowly getting it up and running. Do I get support? No, because Im not black, but I will not let that keep me back.

      Neliswa Mlondolozi - 2014-08-13 13:41

      Why do you say she is a Zulu. how on earth again do you compar yourself with her is beyond me. Fine she is lazy and you are not.

  • William Steven Pearson - 2014-12-12 01:29

    This man is mad. Why would anyone support a farmer if 50% of his farm is being stolen.F off ANC.

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