Inside Labour

Inside Labour: The art of stealing songs and symbols

Mar 16 2018 06:00

Appropriation of policies and ideas can sometimes get rather messy, like the land expropriation furore initiated by the EFF and now adopted by the ANC, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: New light on International Women's Day

Mar 09 2018 06:00

Many advances that have allowed a few women to break into male-dominated hierarchies were made possible by women workers whose goal was to abolish those very hierarchies, says Terry Bell.

Budget 2018

Inside Labour: VAT a time bomb continuing to tick

Mar 02 2018 06:00

VAT - and the fuel levy hike - is the clearest example of how the tax regime makes working people bear the burden for maladministration and corruption not of their making, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Time to confront 21st century realities

Feb 23 2018 06:00

Union battles often take little cognisance of the new era we have entered and SA needs a lot of planning and thinking to even start implementing a better life for all, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Pensions - the trigger for worker action

Feb 16 2018 06:00

There are demands for transparency amid evidence that the PIC may have invested billions of rand of workers’ money into assets that may have had a political motive, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Pensions - a trigger for militancy

Feb 15 2018 06:01

Even workers not renowned for militancy can be stirred into action when their pensions are threatened and this is a lesson all governments would do well to heed, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Treading a dangerous road for trade unions

Feb 09 2018 07:02

Unions need to rebuild their democratic shopfloor structures while acting as catalysts for the formation of new structures capable of extending democracy, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Political pitfalls for labour

Feb 08 2018 06:00

Ill-defined labels such as 'Marxist-Leninist' and 'workers’ party' belong in the political party arena and not among trade unions, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: The choice - hope or ‘wrenching pain’

Feb 02 2018 06:00

We have a choice: fight to use humanity’s technological advances to benefit all and not just profit the few, or accept the pain the future will almost certainly bring, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Within the problems lies the answer

Feb 01 2018 06:01

The global ascent of authoritarian populism can be traced to the ongoing economic crisis which continues to impoverish the many while enriching the few, says Terry Bell.

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Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Jooste, Sun Met and union pickets

Jan 26 2018 06:00

Unions can - and should - play a vital role in challenging a system that encourages profiteering and allows the rich and powerful to bribe state organs to do their bidding, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Gloomy outlook, but promising beginnings

Jan 25 2018 06:01

The World Economic Forum slogan of 2018 - “Creating a shared future in a fractured world - is hypocritical as the very system the WEF supports is the cause of the fractures, says Terry Bell.

We're talking about: #LISTERIOSIS

Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi has announced that processed meat was the source of South Africa’s latest and worst listeriosis outbreak on record.

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