Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: A threatened erosion of democracy

Jan 18 2018 06:00

Democratic norms can often be eroded behind a veneer of reforms claimed to be both necessary and progressive, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Hope as we confront the mire of 2018

Jan 12 2018 10:31

Terry Bell writes on the importance of media freedom, while at the same time ensuring media is not distorting facts or pushing agendas, in the interests of democracy.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: The future of 'a people united’ beckons

Dec 15 2017 06:00

Civic groups are starting to coalesce and to demand at least changes to a corrupt system that continues to favour the rich at the expense of the poor, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Glimmers of hope in the gloom

Dec 14 2017 06:01

Civic groups around the country are starting to coalesce and unions are beginning to flex their muscles to ensure that the pension funds of workers are protected, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: A carnival of opportunism

Dec 08 2017 06:00

Despite cries for unity, the political line-up and reactions within alliance structures are riddled with self-interest and greed, focused on the battle for ANC succession, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Heaping confusion on confusion

Dec 07 2017 06:01

SA is being presented with a carnival of chaotic back-stabbing behind constant cries for unity as the ANC heads towards its elective conference, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Women’s oppression and the potential irony of orange

Dec 01 2017 05:44

The ultimate irony of wearing orange to protest the oppression of women would be if the garment worn was made by the very slave labour it was designed to protest, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Women’s oppression and the wearing of orange

Nov 30 2017 06:01

Women are the greatest sufferers in the “lunatic race to the bottom” the present economic system forces workers to engage in, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: The only way to eradicate child labour

Nov 24 2017 06:00

The scourge of child labour can only be eradicated where an adequate social welfare net exists or where all families are guaranteed the basic necessities of life, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Christmas, the economy and child labour

Nov 23 2017 06:00

Child labour is a growing problem on a global scale, as international corporations and supermarkets put pressure on producers to provide goods at ever cheaper prices, says Terry Bell.

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Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Unity, democracy - the hope for the SABC

Nov 10 2017 06:00

Unity among workers could ensure that the SABC becomes what democrats everywhere would wish it to be: the primary communications medium in the service of the people, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Apples and a looming tragedy

Nov 03 2017 06:00

With clear objectives, mass mobilisation makes sense - but it must be for thoroughgoing democratic transformation, right across the board, says Terry Bell.

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