As it happened - Eskom briefing on latest load shedding

2014-12-08 13:20

Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona says he has the tough job of balancing maintenance, which can not be compromised, while ensuring adequate capacity to meet demand.


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08 Dec 18:56
To help solve the energy crisis and resultant load shedding, Fin24 user Ahmed Vayej suggests the government declares a State of Emergency, call in the military and SAPS and with Eskom and the municipality disconnect all the illegal connections.

08 Dec 18:53
The international standard for generation capacity planning, is 10% to 15% of expected consumption, writes Fin24 user Carel Combrink. "While Eskom argues that it can only supply 90% to 95% of consumption, it actually means it underperformed / missed the generation target by 20% - enough reason to fire the Eskom board and top level decision makers to save money and allow technical experts, if they still work for Eskom, to run Eskom.

08 Dec 18:50

In question time after the media briefing Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona said the situation at Eskom has nothing to do with BEE. "What we do is by direction of policy. Where policy is uncertain it is harmful to Eskom."

08 Dec 18:47

Fin24 user Peter Berman says South Africa is dangerously close to a failed state status even though we have to pay tax for everything.

08 Dec 18:42
Fin24 user Marguerite Theron commenting on Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona's statement "There is no crisis at Eskom": Yes, but you (Eskom) are creating a huge crisis for everyone in the country. Please don't take us into your confidence. We only want electricity, nothing else.

08 Dec 18:39
Woolridge: Surely if we as a country want to trade and have investment from other countries, then it is time we allowed other power suppliers to compete with Eskom. If Eskom did not hold the monopoly I can almost guarantee this country would not be in this state. I think the time has come for CHANGE!

08 Dec 18:38
Woolridge: To state that logistics and budget constraints are partly to blame for load shedding just highlights the unprofessionalism and bad planning on the management side of Eskom.

08 Dec 18:37
Fin24 user AJ Woolridge writes: I think that on the whole Eskom is in serious trouble but do not want to admit it. The crippling effect that the load shedding is having on our economy and businesses over the festive season is going to be felt for years to come.

08 Dec 18:34

There is no crisis at Eskom, says CEO Tshediso Matona, adding that the way Eskom gets reported on creates the perception of a crisis.

08 Dec 17:40

The full Eskom presentation:

08 Dec 17:35

08 Dec 17:34
Michael:  “The current situation at Eskom is damaging to our economy and South African families who have to structure their daily lives around Eskom’s load shedding schedule. It is simply shocking that President Jacob Zuma and Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown are missing in action while the country’s economy is in turmoil.”

08 Dec 17:33
DA public enterprises spokeswoman Natasha Michael, said the “basic take away from the briefing” at Megawatt Park was that the power outages “are here and here to stay... and that there is not much to be done”.

08 Dec 17:22
Shardlow: "Clearly, I am just not that dumb, so I wont be giving anything back! And they still have the cheek to stand up there asking us to be patriotic and be understanding! It clearly is not about being patriotic or understanding. It's quite simply about using us to keep their ship afloat so they can continue to earn their salaries and bonuses and extort as much as possible out of us all!"

08 Dec 17:21
Shardlow: "If they decide they want my free power they will come to my house and install a new meter to allow the feedback for which I must pay R6000, plus the cost of the electrician AND the cost of making my wall good again."

08 Dec 17:21

Shardlow: "I am in a situation where I generate more power than I use. So I thought, instead of wasting it I can feed it back to the grid. And low and behold: Yes, I can certainly apply to feed my excess power back (even though I am happy to GIVE it), but the application will cost me R4 000 up front."

08 Dec 17:19
Fin24 user Derek Shardlow said he has spent a considerable amount of money to reduce his power consumption and produces more than he needs: "I think I could say I have reduced my consumption by a lot more than the 10% they keep banging on about."

08 Dec 17:18
"There is no crisis at Eskom. I think the way Eskom gets reported on creates the perception of a crisis," Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona told reporters in Johannesburg.

08 Dec 16:54
The electricity crisis that has hit South Africa will impact the ANC’s results in the 2016 local government elections, as voters point to the governing party’s role in Eskom’s failure to deliver basic energy needs to citizens and businesses, according to political analyst Daniel Silke.

08 Dec 16:53

08 Dec 16:49

08 Dec 16:48
Haffajee: "And Eskom workers are organised by Solidarity and Numsa, I think, so wage round will be tough in 2015."

08 Dec 16:48
Haffajee: "So it looks like we're in for substantial tax and electricity hikes next year."

08 Dec 16:48
Haffajee: "Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona says it's not a crisis but a challenge - his team possesses the solutions. From your lips to Gods ears."

08 Dec 16:47
Haffajee: "Eskom CEO Matona said from Feb the jury's out because balance sheet's under pressure - can't afford new diesel, etc. Bankrupt?"

08 Dec 16:47
Haffajee: "Looks like site is solid but we should be able to text where you live and get answer on day."

08 Dec 16:44

City Press editor Ferial Haffajee on Twitter:

"After this presser it's clear our grid is now as reliable as a TB Joshua church extension. This guy's right: plan for the worst case."

08 Dec 16:42

08 Dec 16:40
Van Zyl: "The word blackout has been repeated over and over today. Now the word solar is being repeated over again."

08 Dec 16:39
Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona:

08 Dec 16:37
Chris Yelland on Twitter: "A question the media, public, shareholders and auditors must ask, and the Eskom CEO must answer: 'Is Eskom a going concern at this point?' "

08 Dec 16:36
Gareth van Zyl: "Seems to me that previously load shedding was a worst case scenario. Now, there's lots of talk about avoiding a blackout."

08 Dec 16:32
Eskom: Solar in the Northern Cape is going at 50% of capacity due to cloud cover - so we need to make sure we have the backup to ensure the stability of the system.

08 Dec 16:32
Eskom: New York state and parts of Manhattan were without power for 2 weeks for instance.

08 Dec 16:31
Eskom: The viral rumour that Eskom is scheduling a national blackout was absolute nonsense. We cater for large incidents in the system to avoid a national blackout.

08 Dec 16:30
Eskom: We won't have a national blackout as we have very strict protocols in place. We will shed half the country before we put ourselves in a national blackout.

08 Dec 16:29
Eskom: We always welcome suggestions - give us feedback - call our contact centres or tell us on social media. We often get good suggestions from the public.

08 Dec 16:29
Eskom: "Everyone should ask themselves how they can contribute to reducing your demand for electricity. If you are not doing it for Eskom, do it for yourself. Get a solar water heater for instance. 40% reduction in electricity bill like that!"

08 Dec 16:28

08 Dec 16:28
Eskom: The best thing we can do is to increase the reliability of our plants.

08 Dec 16:28
Eskom: "We always said summer will be exceptionally tight and February and March will be very very tight months."

08 Dec 16:28
Matona: "We would like to do more solar power ourselves."

08 Dec 16:27
Matona on small business: "We really regret that impact."

08 Dec 16:27
Matona: "The reality is that load shedding impacts all of us. We hope subject to all the plans we have, we should be able to cope during the holiday season without having to load shed for the rest of December."

08 Dec 16:26
Matona: "If there was a way to cushion from load shedding we would have been happy to implement that. For all of us at the end of the day it is about planning your life around the reality of load shedding."

08 Dec 16:25
Matona: "Eskom would like to use more solar power ourselves."

08 Dec 16:24
Matona: "If we manage things well I don't see us having to go to stage 3, but it depends on our ability to bring on additional capacity which is out at the moment."

08 Dec 16:24
Matona: "The rest of SA should have confidence in Eskom's ability to avoid a total blackout. We normally do not go beyond stage 3."

08 Dec 16:24
Matona: "We just have to implement load shedding in a disciplined way."

08 Dec 16:24

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