KZN health department responds to tender claims

KZN health department responds to tender claims

2015-01-28 12:55

Johannesburg - The KwaZulu-Natal health department responded on Tuesday to questions relating to a tender for four mobile clinics.

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Here follows the questions asked by Sapa and the answer to each question from the department:

Q: How many such buses are there? Was it a different bus that was unveiled in Molweni (as per your press release of November 28, 2014)?

A: There are two buses that the department has procured and received official delivery of. Both are operating in eThekwini District.

Yes, the bus unveiled in Molweni is a different bus from the buses mentioned above.

Q: How much did this/these buses cost?

A: School Health Team bus (eye, dental and primary health care) is an outright purchase of R4.9m, whilst the Mobile Hospital is on a three-year lease at a monthly rental of R1.5m.

Q: Is this bus or buses one of the four that were procured as described in the Government Gazette as being part of the tender ZNB 9281/2012?

A: The Mobile School Health Team bus and the Mobile Hospital Unit were procured in terms of tender number ZNB 9281/2012.

Q: How many of the four buses have been delivered?

A: Only two; namely Mobile School Health Team and Mobile Hospital Unit.

Q: The union Nehawu has complained that the bus unveiled in Newcastle is only used once a week. Is this correct?

A: This bus was relocated to eThekwini District to assist with addressing/improving the burden of diseases in relation to TB and HIV to the under-served areas (informal settlement) due to the lack of facilities in south, west and northern areas of the district, namely Bhambayi, Cornubia, Amaoti, Umzinyathi, Matabetulu, Folweni, Mbumbulu, KwaXimba, Ngcolosi etc.

The bus is operational and has the schedule of areas to be visited on weekly basis. The stats on number of patients seen is available.


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  • Willem Schutte - 2015-01-28 14:16

    "the Mobile Hospital is on a three-year lease at a monthly rental of R1.5m." We just can't win - this is becoming a farce!!!

      deepchund.ramchurren - 2015-01-28 15:26

      Probably one of the Health Dept officials is connected to the company leasing the buses to KZN Health. After 3 years and squandering R54m, the lease will be renewed.

  • Made Inthe South - 2015-01-28 14:21

    I wonder which ZANC cadres are the shareholders here,i bet there is a Zuma in the mix.It is another Gaston Savoi "Amigos" case,where the KZN health department paid exorbitant prices for water purification equipment and where Gaston Savoi paid huge bribes to the ZANC

  • Kevin Lowings - 2015-01-28 14:52

    I don't believe the bus in the photograph is the actual bus!!!!

  • Percival Mdluli - 2015-01-28 17:28

    Always a Zuma when you have to comment....this thingsuck now ...empty ignorant vessels always a make big noise.....I just wonder how much was gained by the then National party regime when all these beautiful structures were erected...its a pity you did not have this freedom of were happy that they were oppressing never that the blacks are in power everything is abt bribes and corruption...l pity you

  • jeremy.howell.52687 - 2015-01-29 04:00

    36 x R1.5m! You've got to be kidding! Doesn't anyone in govt have a conscience?

  • Dhilip Maharaj - 2015-01-29 12:17

    This is Y the ANC is loosing votes. Our hard earned money making some1 rich.

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