ICT industry pledges million jobs

2011-08-01 15:24

Johannesburg - The Minister of Communications, Roy Padayachie, the Department of Communications (DoC) and ICT industry leaders have signed an ICT Industry Competitiveness and Job Creation Compact committing to 100% broadband penetration by 2020 and the creation of one million additional jobs throughout the ICT industry.

The Compact was finalised following a two-day workshop during which the participants made personal commitments to work together to achieve the objectives and targets.

The Compact recognised the significant role ICT could play to accelerate economic growth, meaningfully impact job creation through a strong partnership between government (lead by the Department of Communications) and the private sector.

The Department of Communications said in a statement that in addressing its role in country competitiveness and job creation, the ICT industry defined a number of key intervention areas including specific targets.

These areas would form the basis for a collective "2020 ICT Industry Strategy and Action Plan for Competitiveness and Job Creation".

They included human capital development to ensure the ICT skills requirements of the economy and enable South Africans to effectively participate in the digital and knowledge economy.

Investment capital (both public and private) would also be a target to fund the large scale infrastructure required to achieve access and penetration levels, the funding and promotion of small, medium and micro enterprises and the funding of innovation.

The DoC said that manufacturing capacity needed to be enhanced to significantly increase local content and leverage global best practice to stimulate manufacturing investment.

Local digital content needed to be increased considering the opportunity for application development, the multi-media sector, knowledge creation and the digitisation of government.