Housing subsidies top 2.4m

2006-02-27 22:01

Cape Town - According to the department of housing a total of 167 162 subsidies for housing were approved by provincial housing departments during the 2003/04 financial year, the auditor general Shauket Fakie reports.

This brings the total number of subsidies approved by departments since 1994 to 2.4m - or 2 436 404 subsidies.

The report of the auditor general on the findings identified during a performance audit of the approval and allocation of housing subsidies at provincial housing departments noted that approvals of any one year "will result in houses being completed in subsequent years as projects can take between 18 and 24 months to reach completion".

The report provided a breakdown both per province and per subsidy type.

Gauteng saw the most subsidies being paid out - 1 028 102 with KwaZulu Natal notching up 308 849 subsidies.

The Eastern Cape figure was 244 769, Northern Cape 46 703, Free State 107 686, Limpopo 160 984, North West 154 288, Mpumalanga 155 834 and Western Cape 229 189.

The total number of individuals involved was 1 421 585 over the 10 year period while in 2003/04, there were 191 515 individuals involved.

Subsidies fell into various categories, depending on the income level of the individual subsidy recipient.

For example in April 1994 the subsidy was R12 500 for those earning up to R800 a month.

It fell to R5 000 for households falling in the R2 501-R3 500 a month income category in that year.

By April 2004, the subsidy had risen to R25 800 for the poorest - earning up to R800 a month while the subsidy for those earning between R2 501 to R2 500 a month rose to R8 600.