Guptas fight back

2011-03-01 17:48

Johannesburg - Trade federation Cosatu has received a file from the Gupta family which provides details of all their companies.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Cosatu said that it had earlier met with Ajay Gupta, Duduzane Zuma, the son of President Jacob Zuma, and Gupta family representative Jagdish Parekh at the Guptas' request.

This was in response to the Cosatu central executive committee's call for research into allegations concerning their companies and their relationship with the government.

Cosatu said it would study the file and appoint a person to follow up whatever information may be necessary.

"The Guptas have offered to cooperate with the Cosatu investigation and are prepared to open their books and their bank balances to the probe."

Cosatu said the family claimed that they had never taken "a single cent" from government, never tendered or won a government tender, never received any mining licence and never received a single cent from the PIC (Public Investment Corporation).

"They state that the allegation that Brian Molefe's contract was extended for three months in order to borrow money from their company or facilitate a deal is not true.

"Yes, they are friends of Brian Molefe but they never influenced his appointment to Transnet as the CEO."

Cosatu added that the family agreed they were a business partner with Lazarus Zim but that they in fact tried to convince him not to take up the position at Telkom, fearing they would be blamed for influencing the decision.

Further, the family told the union federation that they only had a memorandum of understanding with an Indian company to explore the possibility of opening a steel company; the story that they stood to benefit by R23bn was not true.

Similarly there was only a memorandum of understanding with a Chinese company - the Chinese Rail Commuter Corporation. The story that they stood to benefit from a R500m investment was not true.

"Both the Indian and Chinese companies are likely to withdraw from SA due to the negative publicity," Cosatu said.

The ArcelorMittal deal had still to be presented to the shareholders, and the likelihood was that the deal would not go through.

"They have never ever asked the president to open doors for them in any way.

"On the contrary they are being harassed and cannot get a loan from any bank. The IDC (Industrial Development Corporation) regard them as PEP (politically exposed persons) and want to slap them with a 10% surcharge."

The meeting with Cosatu followed the appearance earlier by 28-year-old Duduzane Zuma and Parekh on Talk Radio 702.

It is known that Zuma is a director in several businesses owned by the Gupta family.

During the radio interview, the president's son dismissed allegations of cronyism.

"If you think we have done something wrong, then please come forward; if we have done something wrong, then drag us by our shirt collars before a court of law.

"If not, then leave us the hell alone and let us do our business," he told the radio station.

He claimed he was in introduced to the Guptas by his father some years ago.

"These are my partners. They are my family members."

  • zuma fear public opi - 2011-03-01 18:09

    zuma fears public opinion...haha and got guptas to quickly jump to action to perform damage control... but hey, where there's smoke there's fire... please tell me this, if dudu zuma was not zuma jr, would he have been appointed to several directorships - i think not

  • meyiwa - 2011-03-01 18:26

    they are the same as the much loved Oppenheimers,Rupert family's. the only difference is that they are not white!!!

  • Lilian - 2011-03-01 19:06

    "Cosatu added that the family agreed they were a business partner with Lazarus Zim but that they in fact tried to convince him not to take up the position at Telkom, fearing they would be blamed for influencing the decision." Why would they be concerned that they would be blamed for influencing the decision? If they've never influenced or thought of influencing a poistion then why worry? Ummmmmmmm, something is amiss with that statement!

  • Danny - 2011-03-01 19:24

    Please, I would also like to be made a shareholder/partner without investing a cent. I am also family but you may not recognise me when you see me!

  • Thulani - 2011-03-01 19:53

    28 years old already a director of many some people are lucky.

  • bob - 2011-03-01 20:07

    haha booooooooooooooo

  • Sickened - 2011-03-01 20:33

    'The (gupta) family claimed that they had never taken “a single cent” from government, never tendered or won a government tender, never received any mining licence.' Just off the top of my head I can think of a few discrepancies. How do you explain the Sishen mine debacle? This shelf-company, ICT, which is owned by prakesh, dodo (president's son) and the guptas will stand to make billions simply from filling in a form with no mining experience whatsoever. ArcelorMittal has since offered to buy ICT for R800-million and included ICT shareholders the Gupta family and the president's son dodo Zuma in a R9.1-billion BEE deal. Sounds a little like insider trading to me.

  • V. Zela - 2011-03-01 21:22

    @meyiwa when cornered play the race card

  • Bathol - 2011-03-01 21:32

    Of the R25bil literally stolen last year by the same ministers complaining that they are answering to Guptas - and not a single expose on this thievery. Please - Indians in SA are mildly tolerated by the blacks of this country what to speak of ministers going to their house- this is an absolute fabrication. Further example of black arrogance by the kids of the freedom fighters who have forgotten who started the passive ressistance in this country and who joined forces with Albert Luthuli and the royal families of Natal. Too bad becuase after the ANC falls forget looking at the Indians for help again. The whites are going to have a field day in this country come the year 2020

  • yip - 2011-03-02 07:55

    The Guptas are serial liars and will "buy" anybody that can push their agenda.

  • Jason - 2011-03-02 08:17

    So is that how the business world works these days? No honour, integrity or moral fibre!

  • Gary - 2011-03-02 08:17

    Guys, Gupta family is a pain in the ass. They are so influential that they can do anything. My wife is a Estate Agent and she sold a house to them. Their attorney contacted the owner of the house and signed the deal with the owner of the house with different name and they paid cash for it. Such a bunch of crooks. It costed my wife her share of commission. I am happy that they have to pay for it some or other way as GOD is watching.

  • wendy - 2011-03-02 08:19

    The only things that "works" in South Africa are crime, corruption and fraud.

  • Mzambiya - 2011-03-02 08:40

    i think we will have to follow in the footsteps of Egypt and Tunis,because it is clear that zuma is looting with his kids and friends

  • objective - 2011-03-02 09:08

    meyiwa you are on point my brother. yes true maybe if duduzane was not zuma jr he may not have had the several directorships but if the oppenheimer kids were not oppenheimers surely they too would not be such powerhouses. we use the gifts that god gives us to play this game of life. only a stupid man would not use his fathers connections if he wants to get ahead in life. bear in mind that some people will get into deals with dudu just because he is zuma son with zuma not playing any role, same thing applies to all the kids of the white affluent families in SA. nobody makes a big deal of that. think about it.

  • Gugu - 2011-03-02 09:28

    The comments hereunder reflect the sad reality of being tried in the public opinion on the basis of media reports. You have all formed an opinion on this matter, and there's no amount of explanation that the Guptas or Duduzane wil make that will change that opinion. While I hold no mandate from any of the parties, I find that we are hypocrites as South Africans. We say we believe in "innocence until proven guilty" principle, we believe in the justice system - yet we are very quick to form (and hold) begative opinions about people. As for COSATU's investigative role...makes me wonder.

  • callan - 2011-03-02 09:44

    @meyiwa....comparing the Guptas,Zims & Zuma junior ect to the Oppenheimers & Ruperts sums up your ignorance/racisim. The latter families built up their family wealth over generations. Zuma jnr became a billionaire in 3 or 4 years. If that makes sense to you, then God help us all!

  • Mavido - 2011-03-02 11:11

    Interesting call Duduzane, if I remeber well that's what your dad asked for "his day in court" but when it came we all know what happen- be careful what you wish for, look what is happening to the ill-gotten wealth of the Egypt's former old man

  • TurboChris - 2011-03-02 11:34

    Cosato is investigating, mmmm, me smells an african handshake in the making.

  • more investigations - 2011-03-02 11:47

    maybe people should check standard banks bee deal, there are quite a few beneficiaries that are not previously disadvantaged.

  • jj - 2011-03-02 12:11

    gugu - you are free to put your brain on 'park'. Just leave those who use their brains to do so. By now you should have started to think along the lines of, guilty till proven innocent. As they all end up being guilty afterall.

  • Mike or Mpho - 2011-03-03 12:55

    @meyiwa - I was thinking the same. It's amazing that our country does not learn from its own history. The current government is corrupt to the core,and yet, ANC still wins with down right majority at the polls? How is this possible? I only see two answers here, either (a) The elections are rigged or (b) the majority of our countrymen are brainwashed to the last brain cell

  • Prishen - 2011-03-03 21:50

    Lets start a revolution of this country & kick out the current corrupt leadership .....whose got the balls to stand next to me.

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