Gordhan: Power pains to last 2 more years

Gordhan: Power pains to last 2 more years

2014-03-11 16:00

Cape Town - South Africa is likely to have adequate electricity supply in around two years, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said on Tuesday.

State power utility Eskom imposed rolling blackouts last week for the first time since 2008 after heavy rains wet coal stockpiles at coal-fired power stations, causing a temporary supply shortfall on the national grid.

South Africa is building three new power stations, including two massive coal-fired plants at Medupi and Kusile, and has approved projects worth R110bn from independent power producers to bolster energy supply.

"If we look at this package, I reckon that in the next two years or so we will have adequate electricity supply," Gordhan told parliament during a question and answer session.

With two months to go to a general election, opposition parties have seized on the power cuts to attack the record of the ANC, which has run South Africa since the end of apartheid in 1994.

However, Gordhan refused to get drawn into a political argument over the issue.

"There is absolute frankness about where we stand so let us not mislead the public because it is election time," he said.

Eskom CEO Brian Dames said on Tuesday that the country's power supply remained constrained, reported Sapa.

"We are not out of the woods yet, the system remains tight and vulnerable to any changes as we go into winter," he told journalists in Johannesburg.

He added that the supply issues will continue to be a problem in the coming months unless the utility made aggressive interventions to save at least 3000MW.

  • piet.vanzyl - 2014-03-11 16:41

    Give the DA a chance to govern and it will be fixed much sooner. The ANC only understands corruption and cronyism and that is why SA is in such a mess

      Ayanda Verwoed - 2014-03-11 16:44

      Hey this Pravin of ours is very cleverman. He knows finance and he also know electrity. Sad to see him go soon

      Ronni Stevens - 2014-03-11 16:56

      Yip...2 years will become 5 years..coupla strikes..stuff like that...

      Colin Craig Broadfoot - 2014-03-11 17:20

      What does Gordhan know about Power? NOTHING.

  • Janneman Poggenpoel - 2014-03-11 16:45

    likely?!!!! The minister looked at the package, what does he know about power generation in the first place, did engineers consult with him?

  • Godfrey Welman - 2014-03-11 16:48

    This is one part of the so-called good story they can't lie about, we all saw the lights go out, what a sad story.

  • Mpho Leopeng - 2014-03-11 17:13

    I think this is what I heard two years ago.

  • Tian Nel - 2014-03-11 17:25


  • Singatha Jongihlati - 2014-03-11 17:31

    In other words go and buy that generator/solar panels you've been putting off on buying.

  • Brad Peng - 2014-03-11 17:36

    Two years ago they said we will have adequate power supply when the new coal power plant is completed in 2014. Now in 2014 we are pushing this dead line into 2016 so we will then have enough power reserve. so in 2016, we are going to hear that Zuma has now completed his 3rd mansion while we are still waiting for more power into 2018!

  • Ron Hobson - 2014-03-12 06:24

    This bulldust we pay out of our ass for the cheapest form of electricity, this & etolls will cost u in the elections.

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