Gauteng health faces R3.7bn in legal claims

Gauteng health faces R3.7bn in legal claims

2013-11-17 13:59

Johannesburg - The Gauteng health department faces R3.7bn in legal claims, the DA said on Sunday.

This was the figure given to the province's public accounts committee last week, Democratic Alliance MPL Jack Bloom said in a statement.

"The total is up from R2.7bn in legal claims as at 31 March this year, and R1.6bn in the 2011/12 financial year.

"Most of the claims are from 1002 medico-legal cases that claim a total amount of R3.415bn," he said.

There were also 326 civil claims amounting to R265m and 159 emergency services claims totalling R9.7m.

The Gauteng health department could not be reached for comment.

Bloom said the amount claimed was concerning as the department had lost all medical negligence court cases in the past three years.

"This tidal wave of claims highlights the urgency of raising the standard of health care so that medical mistakes are minimised.

"Quality management must be tightened up, especially in maternity wards as many claims are because of babies harmed at birth," he said.

  • Beatrix Rode - 2013-11-17 14:22

    And in the near future they will add another civil claim to their stats. It is pathetic to see the type off care provided by the public hospitals. When enquire about a patient the answers is usuall as follows.- "the patient is "fine", u have to speak to the doctor, sorry can't give u the doctors telephone number, the doctor is busy with his rounds and can't speak to u, I don't know" The list is endless. My mentally retarded brother has been in and out of a public hospital numerous of times the last 2 months and we still have not answer (or documents) on his health.

      Utopian Idealist - 2013-11-17 15:42

      @Thapelo, It's so sad that even the Cuban doctors have decided that life is way better in cuba and they have all left.

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