Fake goods in SA 'harder to spot'

2011-01-13 08:13

Durban - Counterfeit products were contributing to job losses in South Africa, Cosatu said on Wednesday.
"Clearly dumping counterfeit product in this country is one of the direct contributory factors to job losses," said KwaZulu-Natal Cosatu provincial secretary Zet Luzipho in a statement.

Last week Friday police seized counterfeit goods worth R120m at the Durban harbour.

Luzipho thanked the KwaZulu-Natal police for seizing the goods.

"This excellent job by the SAPS intelligence unit must be applauded by all concerned - in particular stakeholders in the clothing, leather and textile sector."

Luzipho said Cosatu was worried that no one had been linked to this scam.

"What worries more is that these products are said to have improved to almost the same identity with the original brand."

Luzipho said Cosatu intended meeting representatives of the departments of labour, economic development and tourism to ensure enforcement and compliance.

  • Al - 2011-01-13 10:06

    It is an absolute sin to shred seized goods. These should be dished out to people living in squatter camps.

  • Snitcher - 2011-01-13 10:36

    But if you know shops that sell this where do you report and how ho you follow up if your report is taken serious so the masterminds can be jailed ?

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