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#EskomResults: All the drama - AS IT HAPPENED

2016-11-03 09:58

CEO Brian Molefe broke down in tears at Eskom's results presentation as he explained his movements in Saxonwold following a damning public protector report into state capture.


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03 Nov 14:05

JUST IN: Electricity generation increased by 1.1% year-on-year in September 2016, Stats SA said on Thursday. Seasonally adjusted electricity generation decreased by 0.6% in September 2016 compared with August 2016. Seasonally adjusted electricity generation increased by 0.4% in the third quarter of 2016 compared with the second quarter of 2016.

03 Nov 14:04

03 Nov 13:39

Meanwhile, cabinet opened updated energy plans for public comment:

Cape Town – Long-awaited and outdated energy plans will soon be in the public eye for input into the future of South Africa's energy needs. Cabinet has officially approved the Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) and Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which will give guidance on the country’s energy infrastructure development and type of energy generation respectively, it said in a statement on Thursday. 

The IEP, which is anchored in the National Energy Act of 2008, will be published for public discussion to give stakeholders and interested parties the chance to engage with it.  

03 Nov 13:34

This is what Brian Molefe said before he broke down in tears:

"My cellphone reflects that I was in Saxonwold 14 times, close to the head of proverbial goats. My cellphone reflects I was in the area.

"There's a shebeen there. Two streets away from the Gupta. I will not admit or deny that I've gone to the shebeen.

"But there is a shebeen there.”

03 Nov 13:31

If I pass Saxonwold, am I visiting the Guptas? - Zuma's energy adviser

#Windaba - Silas Zimu (President Jacob Zuma’s energy advisor): Brian Molefe has to mitigate as to why he is not guilty. I would like us to avoid putting people through some guilty process which is unconstitutional. When media said he was at Saxonwold, I thought he had visited (Gupta) mansions. When you check references (in the report) it is a cellphone mast in Saxonwold. God, that’s unfair. So if I pass Saxonwold, I would be accused of visiting the Guptas.

03 Nov 13:28

Molefe in tears as he slams public protector’s Saxonwold cellphone evidence

Johannesburg - Eskom CEO Brian Molefe criticised former public protector Thuli Madonsela’s use of cellphone records to suggest he had numerous meetings with the controversial Gupta family.

The public protector’s report on state capture was released on Wednesday, highlighting links between the Guptas and government officials. As part of the report, cellphone evidence revealed that Molefe and Ajay Gupta, the eldest of three Gupta brothers, made 58 telephone calls to one another between August 2015 and March 2016.

03 Nov 13:27

03 Nov 13:25
That's a wrap for the #EskomResults briefing - it will start again at 10:30am on Friday.

03 Nov 13:24

Molefe answering questions: We are not averse to people who can produce power. We just don’t want tech that won’t be there at 7pm tonight when we are alone in the operating room and we are running short – if at that time the wind is not blowing for instance. It is a practical problem and not an ideological problem.

"It's like buying a lot of smartphones that may or may not have the capacity to have SMS."

Eskom spokesperson says most of lights at Megawatt Park use photovoltic methods.

03 Nov 13:23

Molefe - I have never said that we must run a campaign to reopen Tegeta’s bank accounts. I have said what have they done?

#EskomResults connect with #Windaba:

Molefe - EE Publishers, I did say that I would start a campaign to close them down. I apologised to EE for having said so (at an event).

03 Nov 13:19
Molefe answers questions as Dr Ngubane looks on. (Pic: Gareth van Zyl)

03 Nov 13:14
Eskom wants to get to investment grade again in the next 3 to 5 years.

03 Nov 13:13
Molefe: We agreed to have a workshop to separate the various issues about nuclear and how best it can be procured.  

03 Nov 13:13
Molefe: We agreed to separate the financing of nuclear and nuclear technology from the state capture debate.

03 Nov 13:13

03 Nov 13:12
#EskomResults: Molefe back in the driving seat, albeit somewhat subdued - This morning we had an engagement with a union about the results and other debated matters and we spoke about nuclear as well and we agreed to have a workshop with shopstewards to explain the basic terms of nuclear procurement and how it will be financed and how it will take the company forward.

03 Nov 13:10

Dr Ben Ngubane earlier said the media must allow Molefe to compose himself after he broke down in tears following his explanation why he was in Saxonwold. The Public Protector report placed him in the vicinity of the Gupta residence.


03 Nov 13:05
A more composed Molefe: We can check if the revenue we can generate with the nuclear plant will be enough to pay back the money lent – over a period of 20 years.

03 Nov 13:03
Eskom: There are various ways to fund a nuclear programme. We have to look at various models. I am sure we can make a plan to somehow fund it.

03 Nov 13:03
Eskom is the only operator and owner of a nuclear plant on the African continent.

03 Nov 13:02
Eskom has learnt a lot from Medupi and Kusile. It now has much more confidence today than a few years ago in terms of accessing finance.

03 Nov 13:02
Eskom will commit to the first two reactors first.

03 Nov 13:02
Back at #EskomResults briefing: Eskom anticipates that nuclear will be built in chunks.

03 Nov 13:01

03 Nov 13:01
#Windaba - Silas Zimu (President Jacob Zuma’s energy advisor): Brian Molefe has to mitigate as to why he is not guilty. I would like us to avoid putting people through some guilty process which is unconstitutional. When media said he was at Saxonwold, I thought he had visited (Gupta) mansions. When you check references (in the report) it is a cellphone mast in Saxonworld. God, that’s unfair. So if I pass Saxonwold, I would be accused of visiting the Guptas.

03 Nov 12:59

Eskom CEO Brian Molefe taking strain.


03 Nov 12:52

Molefe: SA needs nuclear to avoid possible load shedding

Johannesburg - Nuclear procurement will save South Africa from a possible 2026 electricity capacity crunch, said Eskom CEO Brian Molefe in a briefing on Thursday before he broke down in tears as he explained his movements in Saxonwold referred to in the damning public protector report into state capture.

Molefe, who was delivering Eskom’s six-month results for the period to end-September 2016, warned South Africa could experience load shedding again if it doesn’t go this route. South Africa has experienced 15 months without load shedding, said Molefe.

03 Nov 12:50
On Friday Eskom will have a briefing on the state of the system and then the media can take questions on the Public Protector’s report.

03 Nov 12:49
Friday 10:30 the next Eskom briefing.

03 Nov 12:46
Eskom board chairperson Ben Ngubane: Thuli Madonsela has struck a deathly blow against Eskom – if Brian Molefe resigns she will have to take the blame.

03 Nov 12:45
Molefe: I have agonised the whole of last night on what we could have done differently and I believe nothing. I just want to say I never had the opportunity to explain what I have explained now.

03 Nov 12:44
Molefe: I saw in the media this morning that the board must stand down. I will weigh my options.

03 Nov 12:44
Molefe: I do not agree that the board has to resign over the Glencore decision. I will take responsibility. I do not think my minister should resign over the decision of the R530 contract. The president should also not resign because of that. I will resign before he does.

03 Nov 12:41
Molefe before tearing up: I am happy about Pravin Gordhan’s case as it was an opportunity to hear what was happening. In my case the Public Protector has painted me with a corrupt brush. During the investigation my children will be taunted at school – and all that when I think the basis of what she says about myself and Eskom is correct. I need time to apply my mind to this matter.

03 Nov 12:39
Molefe: I live in Irene in Pretoria. I come to work on the N1 and back. The Olifantsfontein turnoff is near a Teasers – so my cellphone records will then show I was close to uncomfortably Teasers when I just used that turnoff – I am captured by the Constitution – I should have been heard.

03 Nov 12:39
Before this he said: I will not admit or deny that I went to a shebeen in the area – because my young wife is not aware that there is a shebeen there.

03 Nov 12:36
Molefe breaks down crying.

03 Nov 12:34
Molefe: When a person is known to be a goat thief, if one day you see him walking next to a heard of goats, it does not mean he is a goat thief. That is what our Constitution is about – you must be heard. But what surprises me is that the Public Protector says my cellphone shows I was in Saxonwold 14 times, I was there in the area.

03 Nov 12:33
Molefe: I thought the Constitution gives us the right to be heard. She never gave me that chance.

03 Nov 12:33
Molefe: My gripe lies in the Public Protector never giving me a chance to explain myself.

03 Nov 12:32
Molefe: I would have told her our side if she asked for her. But she cancelled our meeting. She sent us a list of questions – the first question was what is your job description. One of the questions was what was your role in giving a contract to Tegeta. I said none as they had it before I was employed as CEO. We gave her the details of the prepayment – it was quite a substantive amount of information.

03 Nov 12:30
Molefe: They wanted us to prepay for this and we agreed regarding a 3 months supply – and they supplied the coal for 3 months in terms of the prepaid coal. They do not owe us money from the prepaid deal. I do not understand what the Public Protector means about it in her report. The Public Protector never called me or the CFO to come and give our version of events. We gave her 120 files in 20 boxes that she asked for.

03 Nov 12:29
Molefe: In May Optimum was in under rescue management, but it was owned by Tegeta. They came to us and said there is a portion of the mine Glencore was not mining due to the international price of coal.

03 Nov 12:28
Molefe: We were now getting experienced in the business of scavenging for coal.

03 Nov 12:28
Back to CEO Brian Molefe at #EskomResults: There was a big brouhaha about us not being concerned about the welfare of the miners working there (at the Glencore mine) etc.

03 Nov 12:27
#Windaba - Silas Zimu (President Jacob Zuma’s energy advisor): We are confident in our systems. Tariffs are going to hit us. Our social challenges are not aligning with Harvard Business School models on tariffs.

03 Nov 12:25
Cabinet may have answered Yelland's call today, after it announced the latest IRP would be released for public comment.

03 Nov 12:24
#Windaba – EE Publishers Chris Yelland: We should be fighting for a balanced policy process, which we are not doing right now.

03 Nov 12:24
#Windaba – EE Publishers Chris Yelland: The IRP Act says that with regards to the IRP, the minister of energy shall produce in the gazette annually the IRP update. It guides the country and how factories will respond.

03 Nov 12:23

#Windaba – EE Publishers Chris Yelland: Energy mix – we need to set some principles. What do we believe in?

The principles we can all buy into the constitution of SA, the rule of law, and the various acts of Parliament. Democracy: We are a democratic state and we should fight for it and protect it. Transparency is crucial. We need to be rational. We must follow due process openly. We must work for the social good of all the people in SA, especially the poor. We must strive for economic development. It is the way poor people climb the ladder. We must strive environment protection. We must be anti-corruption. We need to be competitive. Procurement decisions need to be competitive. We can all buy into these principles.

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