Eskom appoints acting boss

Eskom appoints acting boss

2014-03-27 19:53

Johannesburg - Eskom said on Thursday it has appointed board member Collin Matjila as its acting chief executive effective from April 1.

The appointment comes after current chief executive Brian Dames announced in December that he would step down  at the end of this month.

Matjila, who is former chairperson of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa, will return to his position as a non-executive director of the Eskom board once a new CEO is appointed.

Eskom chairperson Zola Tsotsi paid tribute to Dames and his work at the helm of the power producer.

"Brian had successfully brought stability to Eskom and through his strong leadership, we were able to keep the lights on... Eskom is indebted to him for his life-long contributions to the company."

The process of appointing a new chief executive was still underway, with an executive recruitment agency being appointed to help find the right person for the job.

"The Board took the considered view that while the company's executives are sufficiently competent for this position, their pressing priority is managing the highly constraint electricity system," Eskom said.

"The executives are however eligible and free to apply for the full-time position."

Dames' last day would be on Monday and Matjila would take up the acting CEO position from Tuesday.

Dames was appointed chief executive of Eskom on July 1 2010, after serving Eskom in various management positions and as member of the executive committee in 2004.

He joined Eskom in 1987 as a graduate in training, according to Whoswho.

The news that Dames' resignation was widely met with regret.

At the time Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba's office said in a statement that Dames steered the company meticulously and with integrity.

"Despite the many challenges, he managed to keep the company stable."

  • Brolloks En Bittergal - 2014-03-27 20:15

    When is he getting his first gazillion "bonus"?

  • Paul Cleverley - 2014-03-27 20:17

    Really, who 'd want that job.

  • lacrimosewolf - 2014-03-27 20:28

    All their bosses have been actors

  • Janneman Poggenpoel - 2014-03-27 20:55

    I bet a million dollars this dude is a dedicated ANC comrade. Expect the circus at eskom to continue as per usual, nothing will change, well maybe bigger bonuses at least

      Ingrid Denzin - 2014-03-28 20:00

      Colin Matjila is the Chief Executive Officer of Cosatu's Investment Arm, Kopano Ke Matla. He was the Non-Executive Chairman of Raubex Group.

  • Ed Vermaak - 2014-03-27 20:59

    And when the circus lights go out, then we will finally acknowledge that the ringmaster was merely there to conduct to an orchestra of clowns.

  • Kevin Marsh - 2014-03-27 21:17

    Hope they put a real leader and businessman in instead of comrade stuff it up ANC style .

  • Luyanda Singqandu - 2014-03-28 08:22

    Nothing wrong with acting, many companies do, even the best and worst performing corporates.

  • Bricks Bricknell - 2014-03-28 13:04

    No Lights to switch off when the last person leaves !! Ineffective management with very poor planning....Eskom in a nutshell. And of course the only company on the planet that advertises not to use their product.

      Stefan Van Der Spuy - 2014-04-02 10:59

      Yes, how ironic! But they don't give a sh*t because they just hike the price to make up for the lower usage.

  • Vusumuzi Mdamba - 2014-04-03 11:12

    Part of the problem is the Political leadership taking advises from peoole who never ran any institution to recommend who must be installed as the new CE. My take is , let us avoid doing another Saki Macozoma mistake of taking NEC members and think that they can run organisations. Trevor Manuel is a politician and is good at it. He cant run Eskom because he lacks relevant exposure. The fact that you understand finances does not make you a CEO material.Mboniseni Dlamin has turned around an ailing Magalies Water board around and we complain and say we don't have skills? Sipho Mkhize ran PetroSA well. Phuthuma Nhleko is so good , can run Eskom with 60% of his time without a problem. Let's us focus on what Eskom requires. A person who will not allow 60% of Power Station units out for maintenance at the same time and no consequences. The current Eskom executive allows these things to happen, what difference will they make if they move higher. We need an external new broom with a no nonsense approach to business. I think people like Dlamini from Magalies is just one of the best candidates I can see running Eskom smoothly. Trevor, no.

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