Eskom again warns of power crunch

2011-11-10 18:00

Johannesburg -  Power utility Eskom said on Thursday it would be a “challenge” to keep the lights on over the next few weeks as it enters its summer maintenance season and temperatures pick up.

“For this week, and the weeks that follow, it will be a challenge to balance supply and demand due to a number of factors,” the company said.

“We have entered our maintenance season... and the current hot weather conditions have also had an impact on supply,” it said, noting the increased use of power-intensive air conditioners.

  • Kevin - 2011-11-10 20:30

    When Eskom is trying to rip the public for more money it threatens power cuts. As soon as it gets its requested increase the power cuts go away. Time Eskom was investigated by proper honest auditors.

  • Jenecequa - 2011-11-11 05:50

    electricity crisis ?? power shortage ?? you would'nt say. They can start by switching of the overhead lights on the highwyas in Johannesburg during day time. Or then maybe this contributes roadsafety for the blind people driving ?

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