E-toll talks set to continue

2012-09-28 17:10

Johannesburg - Talks on the Gauteng freeway project between government and concerned parties would continue next week, the office of the deputy president said on Friday.

Spokesperson Thabo Masebe said government had met the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa), the Federation of Unions of SA (Fedusa), Business Unity SA and the Road Freight Agency during the week.

"What we've found is that government and the various organisations have become much closer... a lot of progress has been made and they're agreeing on most things," said Masebe.

Kgalema Motlanthe heads the inter-ministerial committee on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project.

On Friday, the SABC reported that Motlanthe had given an indication that the tolls would go ahead during an interview with the broadcaster.

He was quoted as saying: "Almost all of them accepted the principle of user-paying. We hope to complete consultations by mid-week.

We've already made progress with Cosatu and we all agreed that there is a debt that needs to be serviced and settled."

On Tuesday, it was reported that Outa representatives found its meeting with the deputy president "uneventful".

They reportedly said a "win-win solution" had yet to be reached.

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  • sipho.sebokasi - 2012-09-28 17:15

    Make them pay all dees people that drive cars with only 1 people in them

      pieter.kunz - 2012-09-29 09:24

      That is silly. I drive alone as its my job to look after customers. I cannot use public transport as i have products etc with me. Some of us use our vehicles to work and not just go to work. This project is going to cost already over taxed taxpayers billions a year. The only winner - government

  • kasper.mbayi2 - 2012-09-28 18:03

    Only action can solve Montlanthe's greedyness about e-tolls. Its clear that he is a share holder with Sanral.

  • kasper.mbayi2 - 2012-09-28 18:10

    Only action can solve Montlanthe's greedyness about e-tolls. Its clear that he is a share holder with Sanral.

  • arthur.salvado - 2012-09-29 07:01

    This is all sounding too easy a victory. I still don't know how they will manage the collections if people refuse to buy e-tags ? Surely, it unmanageable. Surely they cannot force me to buy an e-tag ??? We already paying for it with every liter of petrol ....... Believe it OR someone is being handsomely paid

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