Disabled protest e-toll let-down - report

Disabled protest e-toll let-down - report

2013-12-04 09:08

Johannesburg - About a dozen wheelchair-bound Gauteng residents gathered at the Rivonia e-toll customer service centre to protest against the lack of an exemption for disabled people from e-tolls, The Star reported on Wednesday.

They were reportedly members of the QuadPara Association SA (Qasa).

Qasa chief executive Ari Seirlis said government and the SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) had promised the disabled an exemption, but never implemented this promise as legislation.

According to the newspaper, the group arrived at the centre in Johannesburg on Tuesday to apply for tags that would ensure they would not be charged for using the freeways.

The group was told by the centre's manager Ali Ndou that there were only exemptions for drivers associated with public transport.

"We've been burnt by Sanral...We (Qasa) had tried to consult with them even as late as last week, and we have still not had a response," Seirlis was quoted saying.

The crowd then protested outside the centre. They set a wheelchair on fire and reportedly shouted: "e-tolls tax the poorest of the poor" and "e-tolls will paralyse us".

  • Mike Heyns - 2013-12-04 09:34

    Now, now my fellow physically challenged colleagues! They don't even listen to their own voters, surely you did not expect them to us few? Their whole "care for the old, sick, woman, children and disabled scheme" was only introduced to gain sympathy from the general public! Apart from the fact that I can hardly use any of the "infra-structure" facilities "created" by this government (LOL), I still pay normal taxes and the little bit I receive back from SARS is hardly covers my actual medical expenses.

      Mike Heyns - 2013-12-04 10:01

      Make no mistake, I for one don't want to be treated differently or with sympathy! I am against e-tolling. Period!!!

  • Fernandes44 - 2013-12-04 09:38

    um .... im really sorry but what the heck lol why do you need this discount exactly every other day you want to be treated the same now all of a sudden you must be special hete is my advice catch a taxi burn your own wheelchair wtf

      SaintBruce Bruce - 2013-12-04 12:20

      Sorry Fernandes44 - are you brain dead? Special needs and special needs transport vehicles for the disabled are among the categories that were promised free from toll use of the Rob-us ways! The disabled battle to get work, battle to get to what work they have, are usually paid lower [yet score nicely on EE and AA quotas for employers] and suffer all sorts of other disadvantages that cost them more than average. Now you have the insensitivity to make your inane comment! Ever been forced to spend time in a wheelchair? I have and it is not fun buddy. Your comment treats them differently due to being disabled. Just another form of discrimination, pal!

      Janet Pretorius - 2013-12-04 14:18

      ... I'm guessing you have never seen the price of a power wheel chair or the costs associated with being disabled? Perhaps also one of those useless, lazy, ignorant able bodied individuals who are too lazy to walk an extra few metres and just HAVE to park in those disabled spots or use the disabled toilets?! Or married to a doctor and use the "doctor on call" notice to park in disabled parkings... Or go to a new shopping centre and there are two little disabled parking spots that are so narrow you can't get the wheelchair in between the cars! Another genius development by an "expert". The ignorance of able bodied re the disabled, their daily struggle to work, survive etc is mind boggling and then they often have the cheek to treat disabled people as stupid........

  • Stephen Michael - 2013-12-04 09:45

    Not meaning to sound uncaring but why should people who are able bodied enough to use the roads now asking to be exempt from paying like the rest of us on the basis of their disability (besides the 80% who use public transport of course)?

      Freddie Jones - 2013-12-04 10:47

      How in heavens name do you expect a wheelchair bound person to 'hop on a bus'? Even in the unlikely event of them living there is a bus route. Wheelchair bound people have enough troubles without the likes of Scamral aggrevating them.

      Philip Venter - 2013-12-04 12:51

      Because wheelchairs can't go nearly as fast as cars and they don't even have number plates. So how will they be able to bill them anyway?

  • Eugene Fourie - 2013-12-04 09:51

    HUH...are you guys going to be travelling by wheelchair that you want to be exempted?If you will be travelling by car..well then I want exemption too..

      Philip Venter - 2013-12-04 12:48

      Lol I just imagined a guy in a motorized wheelchair zooming past me on the highway at 120km/h.

      Janet Pretorius - 2013-12-04 14:23

      Yep - why the hell not. None of the medical aids I've belonged to would contribute to a power chair - or perhaps I couldn't afford the higher prices of the medical aids to qualify for a contribution - so why not load more expenses on us. And while you are about it - please - use our disabled parking bays and toilets - because the ignorance levels of some able bodied people are just so attuned to that type of logic. Are you also an EFF supporter by any chance?

  • Frans Delport - 2013-12-04 09:57

    omg they set a wheelchair alight..lol for that!

  • Vhadau Funzani - 2013-12-04 10:03

    Our government will never listen to us.....I urge everyone to vote for opposition, ANC is dead n buried..thats why Mandela will never b alright..this is totally against his will.......may the almighty hear us and the disabled...amen

  • drsparky - 2013-12-04 10:04

    Apparently if you're disabled, you can still bend over for Zipper Zoommer!

  • SueGeorge Frankland - 2013-12-04 10:13

    They lure people in with lies....this is only the beginning - once they have you registered they will just keep hiking it up! DON'T REGISTER!!!!

  • Marc Anthony Webb - 2013-12-04 10:28

    People with some guts setting a wheel chair alight outside SCAMRAL this wuld unfortunately have no effect on the PIGS grazing at the trough splashing gravy over their suits...Now a message to the resident CANCER cyber expert try and get around in a wheelchair in this country!!!

  • Thulisile Mlambo - 2013-12-04 11:58

    Why? I understand the reasoning behind exempting the public transport. What is the reasoning for the disabled?

      Janet Pretorius - 2013-12-04 13:49

      Because the AND government have wonderful policies and laws and regulations re women, children, the disabled, AA, EE etc etc ad nauseum - but are completely and utterly incapable of implementing these laws. So the businesses employ disabled people at low cost, high scorecard points and their salaries are generally lower - with ZERO career development. As a black person with a degree you will be 100% more likely to get into a management position than a white disabled person with 2 or 3 degrees. Did I mention the salaries for disabled people are generally lower? That and the constitution should be enough to grant an exemption for etolls.

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