Cosatu calls for consultation on tolls

2011-02-16 15:20

Johannesburg - Cosatu on Wednesday joined a chorus of criticism against the controversial new toll road fees for Gauteng set to take effect in June.

"Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) is totally opposed to the new tolls, which will impose a huge financial burden on poor commuters," said Cosatu spokesperson, Patrick Craven.

Cosatu demanded that the introduction of new tolls be suspended to allow a proper debate and public consultation on the future of transport in the province.

"The federation fully supports the upgrading of the road network, which was long overdue," he said.

Craven said in the absence of an affordable, reliable and efficient public transport system the new tolling system would have disastrous consequences.

"The hardest hit will be workers, especially those who live far from their workplace, for very many of whom there will be no alternative but to use tolled roads," he said.

He said the Metrorail service was in disarray and that the Gautrain benefited a small elite and that the planned high-speed train between Johannesburg and Durban would be the worst elitist approach. It would cost about R213bn.

  • Idiots - 2011-02-16 15:55

    These are the same folls that were striking for ridiculas increases a year ago for the lazy ass usless people building the toll roads, now we must the price. Have you seen how lazy 99% of those workers are, I ride past them everyday and they are always just standing chatting to eachother, could have been finished years ago at quarter of the price if workers did their jobs, but no, thanks to cosatu they are overpaid and do nothing.

  • reader4444 - 2011-02-18 13:48

    Let Cosatu withdraw it's members from construction of toll plazas/roads, let its members protest to the extent they have protested about many other thing (including trashing everything in sight -- starting with toll booths, cameras, traffic monitors). Send in Cosatu to "negotiate" and that will be the last we ever hear of the tolls.

  • brian waldron - 2011-02-18 14:00

    For once i must agree with the unions, the cost is disproportionate. Its the goverment who must accept responsibility for the mess that the roads have become. They appoint people who are incompetent idiots to posts and the resultant mess is the norm today. Perhaps the powers that be should appoint a engineer or a panel of engineers to oversee all the civil works and road construction and thereby ensure that the best possible solution is found. we should also be tolling sbu's private 5km of tar leading to his house so that the road can be paid for by the user. the cost of 91m per km is disusting - a 4 lane NEW road in the US costs less, i wonder how much of the cost went to the cronies ? ali baba and his circus should be charged with gross negligence and summarily prosecuted for thier part in this debacle. I believe that the public should stand together and fight for a reasonable charge , afterall its our right to do so.

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